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  1. Thanks avgwarhawk, I got it installed yesterday and bolted that part under the dash close to the defrost duct.
  2. So I have the clip off the window crank, but still can't get the crank off. It is stuck really good. Tried prying off with a claw hammer. Any ideas on how to get this study crank off with out damaging the workings in the door?
  3. Can you get him to email me with a price? jdbarlow2000@gmail.com
  4. The heater valve was leaking, so I ordered a replacement. The one I took off is missing the part that I have circled in red. any idea when that part attached to?
  5. Been searching all over the internet looking for a front parking brake cable for a 1950 Buick 4 door. Any Ideas where to look?
  6. I got the glove box latch out and see no numbers, do I need to take the latch apart to find the lock code numbers?
  7. The door and trunk keys do not fit the ignition, but they do not fit the glove box either, so maybe I'll get luck with the glove box numbers.
  8. So if I do not have a key, how do I get the dog gone thing out?
  9. Is there anything wrong with it. Is it still available and can you ship to Mississippi.
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