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    One call east Coast Reatta.. got car started ordered a new rack and ignition switch. JUst to be safe.. He had us put the steering wheel in full upright position car started rite up.
  2. MrMPX


    Had the same issue. Removed the fuse and started up. turned off car, now will not re start? Ugg.. LOL Now what? Want to get her reliable enough to take to pebble beach next month
  3. Worked like a charm!
  4. Perfect thanks!!!!!!!
  5. LOVE this car!!! Had to get it smogged today down to San Bernardino. Having just got new tires and fresh fluids onboard. Why not? OH 107 degree heat wave. But I figured best get all issues known ASAP. Not a problem came up Hwy 18 air on MAX ran 220 degrees or less. NO not fast at all but its a hoot to drive. I hooked up a new rearview mirror. took about 5 minutes BUT the BIG but the power to the stock mirror is switched I need to find a constant hot lead to keep the mini brain in the mirror awake. Micro voltage drain not a problem for parasitic draw just enough to keep the chip going. Any ideas what fuse I should / could gang it with? And thanks I think it was a fair deal. Having the rims restored and looking for a shop to handle some clear coat issues and a few spot touch up and the trim done. Going to take her to Pebble Beach in August for car week. Have to have her looking her best ya know. Will also try finding the proper carpet to replace the fadded carpet.
  6. Dumb question.. Need to find a "Hot Lead" for my bluetooth mirror dash cam. I hooked it up to the "normal" power leads for the stock rear view mirror but that is switched power. So which fuse has a constant hot lead side?
  7. Weird I copied it from eBay site I have had it for different coupes; Bitter 3.9 BMW 3.0 CS 599gtb SRT crossfire (550RWHP) track car I am hot rodding a twice burned up 73 Urraco BUT am really looking forward to my 89 Reatta. No 90 for me no way LOL flame suite on.
  8. Greetings reatta fans, I am new to this August forum. Having had the "Reatta Jones" from the time I first saw one in 1988 I( have wanted one. Note to self do not bid on eBay when you have had a few adult beverages, I now have a 1989 Red Tan coming down from Oakland tomorrow. Yes driving her down on a Maiden voyage. With 42,823 on the clock and l@@K at those photos! I figured can not hurt to bid it , low and behold I won, Whoot!!! or whoot I won? LOL Time will tell. Here was the eBay listing (Yeah you can see what I paid LOL like its a mystery) So please add VIN 1G4EC11C3KB900499 Mileage: 42,823 to Known California Reatta cars this one will be housed at Lake Arrowhead California for the rest of its life..