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  1. Thanks guys for the suggestion. I checked the relay and it was the issue. It's working fine now after a decent clean on the inside.
  2. Guys, in my 1969 Riviera (factory AC) the blower motor runs at low speed if I select "Max" on the dashboard. All other speeds (Low, Medium, High) works fine. I've already checked the resistor with an Ohm meter and it seems fine, connectors also good, but I have a feeling that when Max speed is selected the 12V is directly fed to the motor somehow and I think there is something wrong in this. I've already checked the wiring diagram of the car but cannot see any suspicious on it. Could you please advise where and what should I check?
  3. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a wiring diagram for my radio, maybe if anyone have the manual, could you please take a photo of the wiring diagram? 1968-69 Delco 7302544 radio with a stereo unit. We're trying to repair both radio and the stereo amplifier, so both wiring diagram would be very useful for this project. I've seen such on eBay but I'm located in Hungary so shipping is always an issue time and money wise Thanks! ROA#15535
  4. Guys, do you know any reproduced or any compatible power window regulators out there for a 1969 Riviera? It seems my regulator have more issues like worn out teeth and also the spring may be broken or something else bad but I can't feel any tension. I can pull up the window glass for about 2-3 inches by hand and it seems the regulator arm moving too. I'll soon remove the window and regulator to check it though. I have also a replacement regulator already with not that worn out teeth but it seems the busing (?) is broken where the axle of the electric motor should be. I can see a ton of new, cheap, nice regulators around the net but nothing for the Riv. Also not too much quality used parts available on ebay.
  5. Hi Guys, When my '69 Riv reaches normal, running temperature, as the car goes the wind blows some hot air inside through the center console shifter opening to my right leg. It is not serious but on a hot day it gets uncomfortable after a while. Did anyone else have this problem or especially any solution to this?
  6. Thanks I was in touch with the second seller and just completed the purchase so it seems my Riviera is getting back the original grille soon
  7. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a '69 Riviera grille and maybe a front bumper. Let me know if you have something for sale. I'm in Europe but having a shipping company in Miami.
  8. I'm definitely interested in some spare parts for my '69 Riv however I cannot see any items under your eBay page. Do you have any updates about selling these parts?