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  1. Great documented info. Thanks. Just trying to figure out what I actually have and what to call it. It's my favorite and has incredible power. The paint sux but that can be fixed.
  2. No, that IS my car. I bought it from them in October(?) Feel free to call them and ask.Don't know why the photos are still there. BTW, it is the "experts" who are telling me about this car, including Mark and Eric at Midwest Car Exchange where I bought it and an independent appraiser and Bob Starzik, who saw it too. I have been told he is very knowledgeable about the older Buicks. I don't know enough to make this stuff up.
  3. LOL! That's because I bought that car from that dealer. Feel free to call them and ask. It went from Alsip, Il to Strasburg VA. The photos are still up which is good because they took better pictures than I could. So I just download them.
  4. I am trying to find that out too. The dual exhaust? The Star Trek console? The chrome air cleaner cover? The wheels? No one has been able to tell me for sure. Thanks.
  5. That is a long drive from Virginia! But I would love to go.
  6. Please see my last post. BKWolfstar
  7. FYI, the old timers and the old dealers will tell you that in 1965, the GS package was a dealer offered package and that the 1966 was a factory package.I have more than the emblems.It has all the GS items that I know of. Got photos, got expert appraisers. It has 41,000 original miles, all original everything except for the crappy 2nd paint job. It was garage kept in (I think) Illinois. It was assembled in the Kansas City plant. I do wonder how many of these were special ordered as there is no way to check.
  8. Thx. How do I do that? Thought i was sending it to a Buick forum.
  9. Hey! I have a 1965 Buick Wildcat GS. It was a dealer offered package but I can't find out if there was a standard package, what was offered besides the dual 4 barrel carbs. Also, about how many were made in 1965? Anybody?
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