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  1. Rztrike

    How would you fix this car?

    I feel the need to stand up for myself on this as a few feel the need to read between the lines. First of all, After reading the post (How would I fix this car) I read all of the original post about the car and the trials and tribulations of getting the car to where it was before the accident, then reading the title of the second post again (How would you fix this car) which was before the note about him not fixing the car, I had made my reply as I did. Now i will admit I had gotten caught up in the emotion seeing the car damaged and how the poster feels about the car. With all that in mind, hindsight says I misinterpreted the post, I was thinking that he did not know where to start, which is why I replied the way I did, meaning that I personally would not fix this car. My apologies and i take full responsibility for going off topic though it was not my intention
  2. Rztrike

    How would you fix this car?

    Here's my $.02. I am all for resurrecting old cars but sometimes it just doesn't make sense. You have already taken the time to bring this car back to life and have had many trials and tribulations along the way and it has brought you great joy to be able to start it up for the first time and then to drive it. To try and resurrect this car again can be done but even with the most experienced body man it will never be right or what you remembered it to be. Take the insurance money and either put it into your other cars or if you have fallen in love with this style, buy another and let this car be a donor for the next one. Sometimes we need to sacrifice one so another may live. Hope this helps in your decision
  3. Rztrike

    EBAY - 1953 Buick Skylark

    My $.02. When a car is 1 of 1,690 and complete it can be called rare. When all the changes have been made to it like this one has, not so rare anymore. Something about the car just doesn't look right either, think its just the color. I can appreciate all the work that went into it to make it what it is but to each his own
  4. Rztrike

    Timbs 1948 Special Buick destroyed in fire

    I saw some helicopter footage of the areas destroyed by the fires. Lives lost, families suffering severe losses. I have lived through a barn fire and lost everything but nothing like that . Prayers to everyone affected and Thanks to all who are trying to battle these fires and to keep others safe
  5. Rztrike

    98 Lesabre rear seat

    Not familiar with the seat but most rear sets you need to lift the seat up above the brackets and then let it slide down. As the brackets catch with the set will pull back into position
  6. Rztrike

    1956 Pistons advice needed

    I got lucky with mine. I used the casting number on the inside of the skirt and posted a want ad here and found a good used one. (Lot of good people here wanting to help) Used my old rod, put new rings on and was good to go. What I was told about these pistons is that were had been some casting problems and some would self destruct. Mine did
  7. This is just a thought, your concern is protecting the original paint on the springs. Your idea for plastic shims seems like a very good idea. You could also make wooden round shims any thickness (1/8", 1/4" etc.) you wanted using a wood hole saw and then if you were concerned about them falling out you could run a string or wire thru the center hole a tie them all together. Just don't like the idea of using metal washers on metal when trying to save paint. Hope that makes sense to you, it did in my mind
  8. Rztrike

    1956 Buick exhaust (Tailpipes)

    Thank for the reply. I will be putting in new pipes but wanted to take the old ones out in one piece for comparison Update: I was able to get the driver side out but the passenger side no matter how I twist and turn its either hitting the torsion bar or gas tank or the front of the pipe is wedging on the frame. I did disconnect the emergency brake cable at the torque tube. That made the difference getting the driver side out. Thinking I have to disconnect the torsion bar on the passenger side to get clearance. Shouldn't be this difficult
  9. Rztrike

    1956 Buick exhaust (Tailpipes)

    Also, this is a 40 series with the optional dual exhaust. Car is on a lift so wheels are hanging unsupported
  10. Its one of those days where either I'm tired or I'm just plain stupid. Thought it would be a good day to work on the Buick, first project went great, no problems. Second, thought I would pull out the muffler and tailpipe. Its all original mufflers, tailpipes and brackets which all came apart nicely with some heat on the bolts. For the life of me I can't seem to figure out how to weave the tailpipes out from under the car. They don't want to go forward or out the rear. Do I have to drop the gas tank? Remove the top link for the rear? Is there something I'm not doing? Help? Stopping for some lunch and then I'll head out afterward, maybe things will look different
  11. Rztrike

    1956 Buick Special parts wanted

    Thanks to Bimus I have found bumper brackets for my 56". One step closer to putting the old girl back together . Still looking for a decent pair of rear bumper tips. Chrome doesn't have to be perfect.
  12. Rztrike

    1956 Buick Special parts wanted

    Bimus, I sent you a pm. Thank you
  13. Thought I would try again, Looking for set of rear bumper brackets and the chrome bumper tips for my 56' Special. Tips don't have to be perfect just fair condition that a person could put on an original car. I have found Roadmaster and Super but my understanding is they are wider. Need brackets from a Special or Century. Hope someone can help If possible i could always meet at Hershey to help save on shipping Thank you
  14. Rztrike

    Fun and useful website

    Thanks for post this website, I took a little time to browse. Thought it was very informative, well detailed, had pictures and would be a great source not only for beginners in the antique and classic car world but just for general information for a DIYer.
  15. Rztrike

    1956 Buick Special hesitation issue

    There are many 322 guru's out there and they will tell you "do not use gaskets on the manifold". My understanding is that the heads and manifolds were made of very good quality and machining was precise. Not saying that gaskets can't be used but again the guru's says using gaskets can cause the manifold to crack. Centerville Auto Repair & Vintage Hot Rod Specialist is a great resource for our Nailhead engines.