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  1. Thank you Marty. You all make me feel welcome here. Lets hopa I can get the cars !
  2. very right , Leif ! A 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline. I, however missed listing the one in front, a 1947 Plymouth P15, I believe. Yes, it appears that I´ll be getting the lot. And yes, I have the cars back to drivable situation (they all arrived to the barn on their own, some 25 years ago), and Will offer some for sale. To take them into USA or Europe is very simple for me. To USA, paperwork is amazingly simple. I´ve done that before. Gonzalo
  3. I agree with all. Car must have been repainted, top may have been changed. I did this barn find 2 years ago and I made an offer for the lot. 9 cars including 14 Dodge Brothers 27 Buick 7 pass touring 32 Ford 18 28 Chevy 2 door 47 Ford super deluxe 47 Chevy fleetline 47 Plymouth P15 59 opel rekord If my offer is accepted, will let you know.
  4. Little town, about an hour from Mexico city. I'm making an offer, has to be for all 9 cars.
  5. Really thanks to all, agree to the kudos to Hubert and Rod. the other cars in the barn: 1914 Dodge Brothers 1931 Ford Victoria 1932 Ford 18 sedan 1928 Chevrolet AB 2 door 1947 Ford sedan super deluxe 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline 1959 Opel Rekord Olympia I believe Im missing one
  6. I found this in a barn. Unrestored, as you mention… is this what you are looking for?
  7. I found this in a Barn. Original papers and invoice. stored for 35 years. Is this what you are looking for?
  8. Hello here. I´m new in this fórum. I did a Barn Find, 9 cars, and I´m trying to define model for this Buick. It was running when stored some 30 years ago, and it seems as a good buy. I have done many restorations before, bit never pre war. From Internet Photos I asume is a 1925-199 Master 6? Touring? Any help Will be welcome.