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  1. So I'm not new to the boards but haven't posted much over the years as I was sans classic Buick until this year when we picked "Maxine", a 1972 Centurion convertible. I'm sure most of you know my dad, John DeFiore and his love of the Buick brand. I'm very glad to say he passed that love on to me and yesterday I got to pass a little on to my "nephews" at the Olcott Beach auto show. Lately there's been a bit of negativity on the boards so I thought I'd start this thread and just offer some hope for the future of the hobby by sharing this pictures. By the way that guy did a great job with that duster. So show your pictures of the next generation getting "hooked".
  2. Hello, I am looking for a set of black floor mats( both front and back) that fit a 1972 Centurion 2-dr convertible.
  3. Just a few more from the 4th. Looking forward to getting to show her with the Queen hopefully at the national next year