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  1. Thank you all for your patience, here are the photos: I will be back in the office on Monday and respond to any messages then.
  2. Hi all, sorry for disappearing on you all. It's been a busy week. Thank you all for the information and advice thus far. I will still get more pictures up here, but it might take a few more days. The vehicle has not yet been sold. The car is in Northern CA. I will be in contact with you later in the week. I will also contact you within the week.
  3. Thanks, I will get some more photos up by the end of the week. I have a decent amount of paperwork for the car that also discusses it's history. It was owned by one dealer from 1921 to 1999, it was then transferred to another dealer. Whoever purchases it will be the third overall owner and the first private owner. I have what I believe is the original 1921 dealer vehicle registrations (it say "Horseless Carriage Identification Card") along with the original information manual.
  4. I have inherited a 1921 Dodge (unsure of model) that I am now trying to sell, it has only 14.9 miles on the odometer. I believe it has entirely original parts, it is not restored at all. It has always been stored inside and covered, so it is in overall pretty good shape for being almost 100 years old. 15 years ago it started and drove well for a little over 2 miles, it has not been started since then. The car has also been constantly registered with dealerships, it has never been privately registered. The first private owner can register this as a "New" car with the DMV. What is a reasonable price range for a vehicle like this? I can't find much information online for cars of this age. How do you recommend selling a car like this? Any advice or input is appreciated.