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  1. My wife and I moved to winter garden just under a year ago from the philadelphia area. We haven't done much in the way of looking for shows since moving here because our car was still in storage in PA but we now have it in our possession down here. With that being said....I've been a member of the AACA for just under 3 years now but never joined a region or even really knew much about them. I tried contacting my local region (which I assume is the Florida Region) but heard nothing back. How exactly can a region or club expect to bring on new members without responding to them?
  2. beautiful. I love the streamline bodys on cars like that
  3. a 39 red 2 door supercharged just sold about a month ago on ebay for just a hair over 20k . motoexotica has had a 4 door supercharged in white for sale for well over a year now the ask has dropped dramatically but they can't get bids in excess of 18k for it. From what I've seen these tend to hold in the 15-25k range depending on options and condition (as long as its a fairly decent looking/running/driving example)
  4. My wife and I moved to Orlando last year but our car is still in storage in Pennsylvania since we haven't bought a house down here yet. With that being said...we'd ideally like to bring our car down to Florida after the AACA fall meet but we haven't found a good storage solution just yet. Where we currently have it is a climate controlled garage but the property owner may be selling soon. We would love to avoid putting it in a storage locker and find a place with at least some temperature and humidity control like we currently have.
  5. I wouldn't say that's entirely true. A lot of my peers and those younger than me are interested in cars....just not the cars that typically frequent aaca events. Take radwood for example, that show has absolutely EXPLODED since it's debut. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug and there's a lot of people wanting to buy and collect and drive the cars of their childhood. I have a few friends who like the old muscle cars but most people I know are into cars of the 80s/90s and predominately imports. To be honest, when I was first getting into classics I was drawn to the muscle car era and liked some of the cars of the 50s as well. I wasn't a fan of the 40s as they were too rounded and I saw cars of the early teens as incredibly boring / uninteresting. Since spending more time in the hobby however, my appreciation has grown to include everything. I own a '51 but the next car on my list is a 39. I'd love to own something from the late 20s as well. I've actually shifted away from muscle cars and find them to be boxy and boring now. As much as I hate seeing cars of my childhood at shows (cars of the 80s/90s were largely terrible, boxy and under powered) there's still a place for them because of who they bring with them to the show. A lot of people that I've worked with over the years have never heard of a dusenburg or a cord or a kaiser, auburn, graham, etc. However, spending time around these cars can lead to appreciation of them. When a honda CRX shows up at a show because it's of age how about not publicly announcing that it's junk (you can think it all you want). That person that you're turning off to the hobby because of their interest in cars now could be interested in the cars that you appreciate later.
  6. That mecum fee is for observation ONLY. To be a bidder costs between $100 - $500 depending on your ticket choice plus the 10% of the purchase price. That being said, my wife and I both started attending Macungie only a couple years ago having just found out about it. We thought it was well worth the price of admission. The show we have trouble paying $10 per person is the new hope auto show. Not nearly enough cars there. For the number of cars that you get plus the swap meet, plus the fact that you can't put an event on like that for free, it's perfectly fair. We only wish we could have shown our car there before moving out of state.
  7. That same exact car is back on ebay again with the buyer trying to get 23,500 out of it and it's now in oregon.
  8. There's a place in orlando called "M Bar." It's a private car collection that the owner decided to turn into a bar as well. They have a private event space off of the bar called the Darrin room. There are 10 Darrins in that collection. I've been meaning to get over there to see the cars in person. There's a possibility some of them are not on the registry.
  9. I work at a high end dealership down in florida and recently one of my clients came to me saying that he's looking for a Ford Lightning. His requirements are 2001-2005 ideally in blue, black or white with SUPER low mileage. We recently sourced a Red 2001 with 3600 miles for another client earlier so we're on the hunt again. If you have one you're considering selling or know somebody who may be interested in selling one have them contact me (even if it's not one of the three above colors). Thank you! John 215-740-8579 (cell)
  10. I found a pair out in the swap meet at hershey (one at a time at two different tables). That being said...I'm not opposed to having a couple spares. I've attached a better photo of what they look like. If you happen to have any of these I'd be interested. The key design elements are the fin on the top, the swiveling head and the conical shaped mirror.
  11. 45.....missed Chrysler and kia somehow. The chrysler image looked like it was illuminated which I think is what threw me off.
  12. My wife and I purchased a '51 Kaiser deluxe a couple years ago and the previous owner installed a pair of door mirrors that aren't quite right for the car. I would prefer not to go through filling holes, repainting doors, etc over a pair of mirrors and would instead like to find a correct pair of accessory mirrors. I have included two photos of what the mirror looks like. Key design elements are a bullet shaped head with a fin down the middle. The head can swivel left/right and is attached to the mirror lower left (or right depending on orientation) of center. The stem of the mirror below the head comes down to a point and the base of the mirror slightly flares out to either side of the stem. These mirrors were able to be used on the left and right hand side of the vehicle. I would need a pair of them. I'll be on the hunt for these at hershey but if you have a pair...or even one lying around let me know.
  13. My wife and I do that with our '51. We bought a pair of Sony SRS-XB3 bluetooth speakers. In addition to pairing to the phone, they can pair to each other and provide a Left Channel / Right Channel experience, they have a bass boost if need be, are splash proof and work for up to 24hrs on a charge. Since they're black they blend in with the carpet. We put one in the driver's footwell and one on the passenger side and leave a phone inside the car playing a pandora "50s" station. Weather permitting, we'll be doing that on the 13th. Look for the yellow Kaiser.
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    I wish. Our Golden Dragon needs a stable mate.
  15. My 51 Kaiser had a restoration done to it a little over 10 years ago and I have no details as to who did it, what was done, etc. For that reason I've been running ethanol free fuel in it since buying it two years ago. It had a tank of regular pump gas when we bought it but it has seemed a bit happier since making the switch.'s not cheap but it's not my daily driver. I'd rather spend a little more at the pump and not really give it a second thought than wonder how much longer I have before needing to tend to the fuel system.
  16. so. much. pink. nice looking car though. good luck with the sale
  17. Thank you. We'll have owned it for 2 years in November so it's quite possible. We've ran into at least one or two people so far that have told us the same thing. We're considering entering it in a vintage road rally in august. It's a lot of fun.
  18. I fall in the "young guy" category as I just turned 32. My dad has interest in classic cars but has never owned one. I just happened to grow up with an interest in cars on my own. This interest spanned everything from 50s-modern day....that list has since expanded to the early 30s. I started attending classic car shows when I had the chance and wondering which one I would buy "once I was old and retired." After graduating college, I started to realize how cheap some classics actually were...both restored and the wheels started turning. I was fortunate enough to find and marry a wife who also had an interest in classic cars (given to her by her father who has a mid 90s mustang cobra that he babies). She is much more into the cars of the 50s. When we were dating I told her how much I wanted a classic and she would always point out to me that all the owners were old guys and that I could own an old car as a hobby once I retired. Meanwhile I was dumping all kinds of money into my daily driver wrangler and taking it off road a few times a year. I would always tell her how cheaply we could get something but I think she was thinking something that needs a lot of work...which didn't thrill her. We attended mecum in harrisburg and I think that opened her eyes as to costs. After getting married she made me a deal, get rid of the money pit jeep, lease a subaru (since I sell subarus), and we can get a classic car. We now own a '51 kaiser with a 7 year old restoration on it. We've had people guess that we paid anywhere from 5k-65k more for it than we did....but that's the great thing with owning an obscure brand. If we spent this much on a tri-5 chevy it would still be sitting waiting to be restored. There aren't many like us though. The vast majority of my friends don't care about cars. Yeah they think ours is neat but that's about where it stops. Those that are gearheads are into foreign cars of the 80s and up or american muscle cars. That's the way this is shifting...muscle cars and imports. Granted I don't mind because if interest dies off for the cars I like...lower prices for me right? I've been working on my wife since we bought the kaiser a year and a half ago for the next one. She's given me a provisional approval. I have my sights set on a Graham "spirit of motion" aka the sharknose. We've started taking our car to shows and have encouraged young kids that we see at these shows who express interest in the car. That being said...I'm sure we may come across as "grumpy" at times when we have to ask people to not touch when they feel inclined to grab the hood ornament, pull on the steering wheel, lean through the window with a dripping drink in hand, etc....if you show respect for something that isn't yours and ask first, sure. We've been attending hershey for the past 3 years and we plan to show this year. Every year we hear "this is my last show" from vendors and it's sad, we don't want to see this hobby go away but driving is now seen as a chore by people, a means to an end. Why bother owning one when you can hail a ride where you need to go? to sum it up from having seen it from the younger end: people our age are interested in cars...just not so much these cars, the rest have a declining interest in even driving.
  19. Wow, thank you all so much for your responses. I didn't expect to get this many. As much fun as it is to win something, I'm not expecting a whole lot in terms of placing for the show. There are so many things that I've picked out about the car that I'd like to have fixed which the average joe at a local car show probably wouldn't even notice (the majority of it paint related) but can't bring myself to put the $ out for it yet. I've been seeing this more as a baseline for myself to see where the car falls...or far it falls haha. I've tried figuring out which PA chapter I should be looking for but I'm not 100% certain. My wife and I live on the northeast edge of philadelphia (in the abington/willow grove area) but the car is currently being housed near new hope. For the most part, it's such an obscure car/brand that I just want it to share some space with others of it's make.
  20. My wife and I recently (almost 2 years ago) joined the AACA upon buying our first classic, a 1951 Kaiser. I've never entered an AACA sanctioned event before and know there are a few things that I need to get corrected before Hershey gets here: remove the previous owner's dual exhaust and glasspac, swap my yellow plug wires for black, remove battery labels, install period correct radiator cap. I would say the paint is roughly 8.5 out of 10 and the chrome is the same. Interior would be a solid 9. I know I'm going to take a hit for having radials but such is life. My questions would be: - Should I take my chances and enter the 50/51 class (26c I believe) or should this be entered in the "driver" class? - Am I correct in that a Junior can only be obtained in the 50s class and not the driver category? - Someone told me that if the car is trailered I take an instant point deduction...that doesn't sound right considering how many cars I've seen towed to Hershey. I know it has to pull onto the field under its own power which isn't an issue. - If there are aspects of the car that may come into question am I able to bring data that would back it up? would the judge question me about it or would I just take a deduction under an assumption for it without being able to back it up? - Beyond the need to detail it within an inch of its life, any pointers or suggestions that anyone can offer that has entered a meet before? I appreciate any help or suggestions that could be offered. Thanks!