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  1. I need the framework for the convertible top of my 1949 Buick Roadmaster convertible.
  2. Due to a faulty locking mechanism, the convertible top blew off of my 1949 Buick roadmaster convertible at highway speed‘s this morning. He stayed connected, so nobody got hurt, but the frame is destroyed (in addition to the fabric of course). Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement convertible top frame for my ‘49 roadmaster convertible?
  3. Okay - thanks, all. It doesn't help that the gas guage doesn't work. I understand that the fuel could have run out, but it doesn't sound likely. There are no fuel smells or drips, but I'm going ot have the fuel lines and tank looked at to check for anything obvious. Thanks again.
  4. Can anyone tell me what your expereince is in fuel consumption / gas mileage for a 1949 Buick Roadmaster Convertible? I think I'm having a fuel line leak, as I filled the tank (it holds 19 gallons), drove about 140 miles, stored the car in its garage for a week, and then the car would not start. We added about 5 gallons of fuel to the tank and it started, but I can't believe the tank was empty. I haven't driven the car more than this before and have not yeet had a chance to measure its gas mileage. Your thoughts? Thanks.
  5. Okay, then. VERY helpful. Thanks again. John
  6. Thank you - Much appreciated. And modern day transmission fluid should work, I presume?
  7. I just got my 49 Roadmaster convertible restored, inspected, and licensed to drive in here Switzerland. I took it out for a drive and noticed that it has a very hard time shifting from low to drive, inspite of it being an automatic. Additionally, when trying to climb a hill last night, it got to the point where it almost would not even engage ANY gear, acting like cars used to when we needed to add transmission fluid. Yet I cannot see where to add transmission fluid - neither under the hood nor in the owner's manual. I'm hoping it really is just a simple need to add transmission fluid. What's going on? Thanks for any advise you can offer.
  8. It was reasonably priced, but two factors suggest I should keep looking: It's a convertible because it was chopped from a hardtop, and the convertible top looks ill-fitting when fixed in the up position, perhaps reflecting an imperfect fit due to that conversion.
  9. No, I haven't, but I am still actively looking! Any thoughts? Thanks.
  10. Lebowski - YEs - realize I messed that up. It's the one with the sweep-spear trim that I'm interested in, and John S just explained that both styles were produced in '49 for the same model. So mayber not a big issue to have either type of trim specified in a restoration order.
  11. Thank you. That is REALLY helpful. It is a lot easier to find the straight-line trim versions. What you're suggesting is that if I'm looking at having a junkyard rust-bucket '49 roadmaster convertible resotred to like-new, as long as I get a '49 convertible, it should not be an issue to specify sweep-spear side trim - either to a professional resotration company or to any potential buyer later on, if I ever wanted to sell it (which I'm not planningg to do), if I understand you correctly.
  12. Thanks, John S. That at makes sense. Is it only true for the Riviera, or are there other models of Roadmaster where you see this difference?
  13. Thanks, Bloo. These two photos display exactly the difference I was describing. But how do I describe to someone that I’m looking for the model in the top photo ( curved side molding) and not the model in the top photo ( straight-line side molding)? Do these two photos represent two kinds of a 1949 roadmaster convertible? What are they called? Thanks again.
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