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  1. HI I have 90 conv,and I do not have a strap like that I do not know why it is there.
  2. Yes I always use it ,please keep it going Ronnie. Thanks Tony.
  3. Thanks Jim for the pictures.After seeing whats involved I have decided to leave alone,again thank you for the pictures.
  4. HI does anyone have one of these for sale? Its to illuminate the drivers door keyhole on a 90 reatta. my wire broke off from the connector that goes to the courtesy light.thanks
  5. Hi Ronnie I have the same set up one question ,is there a bulb on the bottom of the white connector? If so mine is missing that's why it is not working.Do you know if that bulb is replaceable?
  6. Hi Ronnie ,What is the optical light guide and where is it located?
  7. Thanks Scott for your information this wire at one time broke off the connector that goes to the courtesy light I stripped a little of the wire reconnected it with no luck,.
  8. H I everyone,is there a optic wire for this and where is it located? The light show works perfectly except for the drivers side key hole.Can someone help me with this,thanks T ony.
  9. Good mourning Barney and happy new year.I replaced the headlight switch and wala everything works the way it should! Thanks Barney.
  10. Hi everyone, hope all had a good holiday.Getting back to the headlight problem.They are working fine.Just one thing with the the headlights on the ac controller,radio and console lights are not on ,only when I put the fog light switch on they work.My question is Is this normal? Also everything works fine just with the parking lights on I do not have to turn on fog light switch.I need some help to figure this out.Thanks Tony.1990 reatta conv.
  11. Hi Ronnie,Thanks for asking about the headlights I have been very busy in the last couple of weeks. So far all I have done was swap out the headlight switch . It seems to be working fine so far,but I still think there is a dead spot in the motor.After the holidays I will take both motors a part and look in to it further . I will be taking the car out tomorrow for a 50 mile trip . Have a good holiday ,thanks Tony.
  12. Hi Barney, I want to thank you for your feedback for my headlight problem. I have been away for the last couple days ,when I get some time I will check the motor out for dead spots and let you know. Thanks Tony.
  13. Hi Harry,the headlight motor knob was very tight. I turned it a few times just to get it loose the covers were not raised.thanks tony.
  14. Hi Dave ,good to hear from you I will take it apart and have a look as soon as it gets a little cooler.
  15. Thanks Barney for your feedback, I started the car up today and lights went up and worked fine ,although I loosed the headlight motor knob last night because lights did not go up but they were on, sometimes only the drivers side will go up and the other side will not .I hit the headlight switch again and they worked fine. I think it could be the headlight switch or something binding on the crank arm. What say you.thanks tony.