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  1. check the relay on the passenger side fuse box
  2. Hi the lock rod may have broken off the clip you have to remove the door panel.
  3. Hi Stan the brake light has two connectors one for the brake lights and one for the high mount light if you have no brake lights check for ground,also check for a shorted socket.
  4. Hi all found the ground wire but that was not the problem.it was the brake switch. So if this happens to anyone with a convertible just change the brake switch hope this will help someone.
  5. Where is the ground wire?
  6. high mount stop light not working,891 bulbs look good have power going to the light It just don't work,need help thanks
  7. Thank you for your feedback,i will look into that,thank you.
  8. Gee I really do not know.
  9. Hi all, my defroster will not shut off when the off button is hit on the controller same thing happens in the vent mode,bad controller?
  10. Hi Barney,I ordered a module from Jim Finn received it last week ,I finally installed it yesterday and every thing works fine,again thank you for your imput.
  11. Thanks Barney I will to do this tomorrow.
  12. A funny thing happen to me today,I was having trouble in the last couple of days with my transmitters not working for no apparent reason so I reprogramed them and every thing was fine up until this morning I went to the store set the locks with the transmitter every good,i came back out of the store transmitter would not work.and yes the batteries are new. so in my garage I go to reprogram them again.everything good except for one thing I heard strange clicking from the rear of the car,and the door locks were going up and down on there own for some weird reason but I was able to set the transm
  13. Hi try a Milton tire gauge.
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