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  1. Hi try a Milton tire gauge.
  2. Thanks Barney for the info.
  3. Hi just want to know the difference between an ac oil filter p47 original to the car, and a ac p47E ?
  4. you can contact jim finn at reattas60@gmail to see if he has one.
  5. Hi check ebay,punch up reatta consoles
  6. Hi Make sure you check the cruise fuse and clean the electrical connector going to servo with electrical contact cleaner.
  7. its way up under the drivers side dash panel
  8. Hi Murray pull the speakers out ,on the speaker it should tell you the ohm if they are delco factory speakers the ones in the rear are 10 ohms if I am not mistaken,you can buy these on ebay size 4/10 for the rears.the fronts I never replaced.
  9. HI I have 90 conv,and I do not have a strap like that I do not know why it is there.
  10. Yes I always use it ,please keep it going Ronnie. Thanks Tony.
  11. Thanks Jim for the pictures.After seeing whats involved I have decided to leave alone,again thank you for the pictures.
  12. HI does anyone have one of these for sale? Its to illuminate the drivers door keyhole on a 90 reatta. my wire broke off from the connector that goes to the courtesy light.thanks
  13. Hi Ronnie I have the same set up one question ,is there a bulb on the bottom of the white connector? If so mine is missing that's why it is not working.Do you know if that bulb is replaceable?
  14. Hi Ronnie ,What is the optical light guide and where is it located?
  15. Thanks Scott for your information this wire at one time broke off the connector that goes to the courtesy light I stripped a little of the wire reconnected it with no luck,.