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    Purchase Advice?

    Thanks for all the advice. I'm getting sad from all the folks saying stay away but I get it. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. we'll see
  2. SteakandEggs

    Purchase Advice?

    I can get it for $500
  3. SteakandEggs

    Purchase Advice?

    I'm a sucker for hidden headlights
  4. Hi, I've been a part of a Land Rover forum for years and know how well the forum community can be. I have been offered a deal on a 63 Riviera and have been dreaming of owning a 65 for ages but I think it might be a deal I can't pass up. If anyone can offer some advice on what to look for before I pull the trigger that would be great. I.E. prone rust spots, major frame issues, motor size preference, trans issues etc. She was last registered in 2008 and is far from perfect. From the 5 minutes I spent with her I diagnosed a need for floor pans, some rot behind the passenger door under rocker, a weird hole in the back of the hood and of course the obvious stuff like tires and other wear items. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as this would be my first adventure in classic Rivieras.