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  1. Went to the garage to look for all the parts for the inner fenders and cross brakets. Locating all the screws for the fender and inner fenders. I will continue with the assembly next week. Kevin ROA # 14796 65 (under construction)
  2. Thanks Seafoam65 and RivNut for the recommendations. I will see how far I get this weekend. I will also review section 12. Thank You
  3. Here are the manuals that I currently have. I have not been able to identify illustrations for mounting the inner fenders, fenders and cross braces to the Riviera Xframe. Looking for exploded detail on how to put the front clip on. Looking for a subject matter expert to assemble and install the front clip or identify the missing manual with the detail. Thanks Reviewed Manuals: Buick Service Manual 1965 Chassis 45000, 46000, 48000, 49000 Buick Service Manual 1965 Body Riviera Buick Service Manual 1965 Body All Models Buick Service Manual 1965 Chass
  4. I have the shop manuals however can't find complete illustrations of the front end including the body panels listed above: fenders, inner fender wells, radiator support . I am looking for a local subject matter expert on Riviera's to assemble the front end to move the project along or identification of the manual detailing the front body panel assembly. Thanks
  5. I am restoring a 1965 Riviera and need assistance re-assembling the front end. Need someone familiar with Riviera’s to assemble fenders, inner fender wells, radiator support and hood in tri-state NY-NJ-CT. All parts are present.
  6. I am in the process of replacing my gas tank in my 1965 Riviera. The gas tanks straps are rusted and damaged. Is anyone aware of straps that can be used from another model? Parts interchange? Thanks, Kevin
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