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  1. Where to buy correct wiper arms and blades for my Dodge 1933 ?
  2. I have a 1933 Dodge with 16 inch wooden wheels. Can I use artillery wheels from a 1934 Plymouth ? If so what year Dodge hub caps will fit the Plymouth wheels ?
  3. Want to buy for 1937 Dodge. Headlight and panel light switch knobs , or complete switch. Also Choke/throttle knobs.
  4. Want to buy for 1937 Dodge. Headlight and panel light switch knobs og complete switch.
  5. 2 luggage rack emblems fors sale , radiator emblem not for sale
  6. Is it possible to calibrate the speedometer on a 1933 Dodge ?
  7. Will this gearbox fit my 1933 Dodge with 1934 engine ? Any info on this gearbox with casting number : 377058-5 and 3-21 ?
  8. I have a gearbox think its from a 1931-32 Plymouth. Only numbers I have is on the side of the box : 377058-5 and 3-21 Any one can identify this gearbox ? Can I use it in my 1933 Dodge ? Regards Michael from Denmark
  9. Gearbox no. 377058-5 3-21 Can anuone tell me the year ? Michael from Denmark
  10. Door tag : 3657486 Engine no : DR-50894 Firewall tag : 136900
  11. Hello My name is Michael , Im from Denmark . I have a 1933 Dodge convertible with rumble seat and fold down wind screen . The speedometer is in KPH . I would like to find out the history of my car and how original it is . Any help ?