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  1. Before grinding and restamping, be mindful not to remove too much. Usa file to take the minimum material off that surface because it is a locating surface for that part and if you are not mindful of this, it will be a problem when or if it ever requires babbit repair .One of the first things I look for before I start the rebabbiting is this feature. I will need to compensate my rod machine for each part .(extra time to correct) oh well if so I have a Jolly Rodger candy (watermelon) wipe the tears away and “damn the torpedos”.
  2. Harkin Arcola Babbitt Repair 6513008785
  3. Hi Larry I have done several Types of rods / mains cast and resized rods and semi finished mains. George.
  4. 6 cylinder locomoblies used 1 - shells made of zinc ? Or 2 -babbitted bronze shells 90 percent tin 7 percent antimony 3 percent copper any body know about those locos ?
  5. Some early engines locomoblies 1908-4 cylinder 40 hp, used zinc inserts for main bearings, also rods. However what about 6 cylinder locomoblies brass backing with Babbitt or zinc inserts if zinc much work to modify crank case to fit new bronze shells.
  6. looking to quote main bearing and rod bearings on 38 loco but I know if base metal is zinc or bronze if it zinc i will need to make new bronze backing to tin and pour fresh babbitt.
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