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  1. I'm looking for A grade on the following: Woodgrain Dash Bezel Woodgrain Center Console Bezel Tan Door Panels Wood Shifter knob. Tan steering wheel H shaped panel piece that goes below the Radio, it has the M logo on it. Infinity Radio Power antenna motor and mast Thanks, Bill
  2. That's the problem with these Infinity Radios, I have the same one in my 1988 New Yorker, the Radio part goes out. I bought 5 from junkyards before I got one that the radio worked so now I have 4 with working cassette decks but not radios. I just bought a TC and now I need one so if anyone else out there has one they want to sell let me know. Thanks
  3. Based upon the timing I would imagine your parts are all gone, however I just joined the forum and have two TCs that I am always looking for parts on and I live in Southern California and Ojai is a manageable drive. Anything left?
  4. I bought it for $600. Great car, had new tires, new brakes and very clean overall. Put some new hoses, gave it a radiator flush and oil change and it was good to go!
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