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  1. Thanks for the info! I appreciate the guidance.
  2. I have been searching for the following parts for a 1929 Graham Paige 621, but with no avail. -Headlight switch lever -Ignition & steering post lock -Dash clock ( like the one shown in the last photo) If anyone might have parts for sale or possible guidance would be greatly appreciated!! Thank You!
  3. I purchased a Graham Paige 621 and the generator had been removed. In order to have the generator serviced, I was asked if it is a 6 volt positive or negative polarity? I’d greatly appreciate If anyone could tell me if it is a 6 V positive or negative polarity. thanks!
  4. I am looking for the following parts for my 1929 Graham Paige: -Headlight switch lever -Ignition & steering post lock -Sterling electric dash clock -Door outer handles Thanks!
  5. Thank you for your recommendation! I have spoke with the Carb King and this type of adapter will work. I’ll be using a Stromberg updraft carburetor to replace the 1929 Johnson. Thanks Again
  6. I am looking for a single barrel carburetor adapter to go from 3 5/16” manifold to 2 15/16” carburetor. It would be similar to the attached photo... Thanks
  7. Thank you for all the info Jon! I had called last Tuesday, after your normal business hours, to order the Stromberg you were holding for me. I left my info and will call back this coming Monday morning.
  8. Thank you for sharing you wealth of knowledge and including the carter adapter photo! Please let me know if you would have one to sell... Thanks Again!!
  9. Graham Man, The carburetor info and recommendation is greatly appreciated! The original Johnson R carburetor had a center to center bolt spacing of 3 5/16”. The compatible carburetors for the 288 engine are all 2 15/16” center to center. By chance, did you have a mounting adapter made? Any guidance would be extremely helpful... Thanks Again!!
  10. I have a Graham Paige model 621 (Big 6) that needs a replacement carburetor. The original Johnson Model R pot metal is cracked and unusable. The intake manifold is 1 3/4" and the engine is 288 CI. I'm hoping someone can recommend a place to look or a carburetor for sale? Thanks for your time!
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