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  1. @GARY F I haven’t really found anything, the guy who sold me my pontiac gave me a catalogue, but some of the part names can be multiple things. I’m not sure where to find those sites/ magazines @SDLARS Would a 2Dr Chevy Bel Air match up? Or would a front door from a 4 DR match a 2DR? This is going to be my first Resto, so I’m not sure what cars interchange. Just got one tip for easy frame, engine, trans, rear, and suspension. The body basically drops onto an 88-89 caprice body with very little modification. That’s the extent of what I know.
  2. I’m new here. Searched for threads on the car and can’t find any that suit my needs. I just bought a 50 Chieftain with a straight 8 in it. I have a lot of structural integrity work to do on it before I worry about rechroming, etc. the floor pans and weather seals are all super easy to find. I’m hoping someone can lead me in the right direction for doors. The bottom of the doors are a little rotted out. Same with the trunk. I’m a machinist/welder, so easy fix for me. what I’m looking for is if there are any pre-made door frames, or companies that make replacement doors for them. The outer shell is fine, only the frame to the inner door is screwed. I can always fabricate something to make it nice again. It’d just be easier to replace it with stock metal. TLDR; I need door frames, or replacement doors for a 2dr coupe. Same for the trunk.