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  1. Okay thank you, I'll definitely have to keep an eye out for them. I don't think I'll get into boosting. That's too expensive for me right now and I also am a little wary of putting that much stress on a 30 year old engine.
  2. Thank you for the info, Reaper. That's really good to know. You said earlier 3.0s were known for dropping valve guides. Do you mean the one in the TC has fixed this problem? I thought it wasn't fixed until a later iteration in 92 or 93 or something. I wouldn't mind eventually sprucing it up a little, but I'm certainly not looking for a race car. Once I have the car to a point where I can drive it reliably, then I can look into slight performance upgrades - but that's way down the road!
  3. Hi Hemi, Thank you for the response. I've been reading a lot of your posts for the past few days, so I was hoping you'd respond! I have read much of the Allpar info on the TC already. My dad is a Mopar guy since way back and has an 86 Omni GLH and his dad had a 94 GTC Lebaron we just sold (just a year too late for me), so he's pretty well versed with these cars. He had an interesting question I'd like to forward over to you. He said in 91 or 92 Chrysler redesigned the suspension on the K car and it had much better handling. Is it possible to retrofit 92 parts onto the 91 TC suspens
  4. Hello, I'm a college student pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering. I'm looking for an interesting and fun first car to purchase that will be cheap yet somewhat reliable to start learning how to work on cars and such. My former boss has two TCs and is willing to sell a '90 3.0 V6 to me for $1k. He doesn't drive it much and it only has 68k miles on it. I test drove it a few months ago and it ran great. If I remember correctly, the only thing that didn't work were the windshield wipers. My main question is how hard is it to find parts for these cars? I know some parts are
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