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  1. No this is a different painting than the one on the buglady's webpage. .. Same artist. The family has that one. Really don't remember where we pick this one up at. Have had it for may years stuck up in the attic literally
  2. E Pierre Wainwright also did Illustrations of Purdue Football and the Republican party. http://www.bugladyconsulting.com/genealogy%20wainwright_football.htm
  3. Found this information on Pierre Wainwright online. Appears that he did a lot of artwork for the company. http://www.bugladyconsulting.com/genealogy wainwright automobiles.htm
  4. No honestly put it back in the attic. Priced at $1000 which I thought was a fair price and was ridiculed. It is still available.
  5. Is there any interest in painting of Lexington Motor Company entitled Airport View of Lexington Motor Company by E Pierre Wainwright. signed and dated E Pierre Wainwright 1916. Original frame with brass plate. Total measures 23" X 37"
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