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  1. BetsytheRiv

    Kill switch for 63 Riviera

    Baffles me how few of people under 40 realize you can actually start a car in neutral.
  2. BetsytheRiv

    Kill switch for 63 Riviera

    I have a simple thick fleece blanket I put across the back bench on top of a sheet of the foamy/gripper shelf liner stuff and it keeps the blanket from shifting. The two little ones each have a small donut bed that goes on the back seat floor on either side which they are happy nesting in. Occasionally we would go to dog beach and they'd get sloppy so I made quick fleece pillowcase type covers for the two front seats that I just slide on and off for easy cleaning. The fleece does a pretty good job of repelling the water instead of absorbing it. I'm considering having little clip points put in behind the rear seat when I get it re-upholstered so I can make an apron that would hang over the back but I'm meticulous about bathing and brushing my pups so they aren't really any more likely to leave marks on the seats than someone with some light dust on their clothes. They usually don't get too pawsy around the door panels but when we get close to the beach the Italian Greyhound likes to stand on the console so I have a little hand towel I put down so his razor sharp claws don't annihilate the veneer. (yes I clip and Dremel them but they are so narrow it's hard for them not to be pointy). The real fun is trying to get all of the nose prints off the metal and windows once they're home and peacefully sleeping inside exhausted from the excursion...
  3. BetsytheRiv

    Kill switch for 63 Riviera

    I was just thinking about this last night for my 65. I was trying to think up a way to do it by hiding it in plain sight without having to drill new holes. Next I've got to get creative on door locks because I'd prefer not to have an alarm. I live in a nice enough neighborhood but there was an idiotic law passed in 2014 known as "Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act" where you get a citation for theft under $950. Since then there has been an unpleasant uptick in vandalism and petty theft. Big box home stores have cameras beeping ever 2 minutes when you're down many of the aisles because they can get robbed for less than $950 and if they catch the putz and call the police all they can do is give them a citation and send them on their way. Officer friend told me he saw the same guy get 2 citations in the same day and there's nothing they can do about it. While I know my 65 is worth well more than $950, I've seen what obscure parts are going for on e-bay and craigslist lately and they can really screw me over on some of the harder to find stuff if they know what they're shopping for. I've had several neighbors in a two mile radius who had their garage doors pried open and tools taken so I'm very wary now. I've got my house wired up with automation so any door lock or garage door opens I get a text about it. If they get creative to get past that then they'll be greeted by my 120lb Rottweiler and his two terrier henchmen who are very devoted to protecting our home and the classic car that takes them to the park and dog beach. I restored a 57 T-Bird at 15 y/o and put in a kill so it would only start in neutral. I lived in LA and from time to time I'd get stuck at a place with only valet parking so I'd leave it running and tell them where to park it so they don't have to move it only to return and before I give them my ticket to pull it up they're asking me why it wouldn't start... Nobody was going to Ferris Bueller my car! ? It even tricked my dad and he helped me put it in!