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  1. This picture was taken in Brittany (France), in the mid-50s I think. My friend would like to know what brand and model it is. I have no idea, I know nothing about vintage cars... Thanks.
  2. Yes, I have also only seen the "break de chasse" (1938), which was it seems the only woodie by Matford. Thanks to everyone.
  3. It is a bit disturbing to me that we cannot find the same model with the same rear... Could it be that Matford were producing specific on-demand cars?
  4. Thank you! That could be it, since we are in France. Meudon was my home town when I was a kid. ?
  5. Hi, I cannot find the brand of this woody station wagon. The picture is from an old Postcard, this is at the railway station in Meudon, France, near Paris, I first looked up in the French cars but could not find a similar one. Does someone have an idea?
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