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  1. Yeah that’s kinda what I was thinking I didn’t want it to be too much work for so little car, I’m glad I posted before I made a decision thanks for replying!

    9 minutes ago, 72caddy said:

    Pass on this. VWs used a body pan and this one needs replacing. Patching won't be that safe. The door bottoms should be checked as I suspect they are shot. The roof will never be the same since the metal has stretched. Sorry to be a wet blanket but this is a real challenge. 

    For $2500 - $4000 for a better car may seem like a lot but you would be way more into this one in parts and time very quickly.


  2. Hello I’m new to restoring cars and have relatively no experience at all at fixing cars  but I want to take on this vw restoration. I want other experienced people’s opinions on what I should do. I know I won’t be able to do everything on my own as far as the wiring if needed and new floor pans but this is my dream car and I am also using this restoration for mechanical knowledge too. This 1977 VW Super Beetle has a lot of rust but not that much under the car it’s mostly surface rust. I just need someone more experienced opinion so I attached some photos he is also asking 600$ for it.






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