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  1. Can someone tell me what kind of fastener's to use to attach this thin chrome strip?
  2. finish all the unfinished stuff. mainly interior. then a drop, wheels tires, paint it etc.. you know how that all goes
  3. thanks, Tom. i will look into that. I started working on it this past weekend. Not looking as bad as i thought it was as far as the interior. Hi Bill, i'm not sure about the whole 2013 young guy thing. But, i got it from an old navy vet in California. He was very nice and helpful. I may have paid a little more than she was worth but i was getting sick of tracking down the right project and shipping a vehicle and flying out to see one etc.. I got to drive there and check themout in person then make a decision. He had a silver 63 and this 65. i chose the 65. I sold my '50 last month and he was interested in trading both the Rivi's for it. So once i sold the '50 i went back and told him i would be interested in one of his Riviera's. And here we are
  4. New to the Forum and my first Riviera. Got a lot of work to do. But here's how she sits my first day with her
  5. This was my last project that i sold in March 1950 Ford Tudor Sedan 500 Custom
  6. Here's the rough part. Interior.
  7. Hello all. I have wanted a 65 Riviera for years, a long time. Finally i put my 1950 Ford Shoebox up for sale a couple months ago and sold it. I had a couple deals on Rivi's that just didn't pan out. I finally decided to get this one out of California. It runs good, shifts good. Body seems great. Suspension has all been redone. Rebuilt carburetor and general engine tune-up plugs points wires etc.. But! brace yourself! haha, the interior needs help! I wanted a project not a completely done car. I am really just happy to have this thing sitting in my garage. In my opinion these 63-65 Rivi's are the sexiest bodystyle GM has ever made. They can be luxury, muscle, lowrider, traditional by just changing a few things like stance and wheels. They are such a versatile car and i am glad i got one. I have so many questions and hope to meet some fellow Rivi owners Enough talking here's a few pics