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  1. Ready for another project Tom. I can’t keep everything. I’ll probably regret it....
  2. Thanks Larry. Pretty impressive list you got there.
  3. The car is in Pittsburgh, PA. I did list it on HCCA online site over the winter, the worst experience I ever had in selling a car. All I got were foreigners asking for a pay pal account or bank account to move money too. None were interested in the car what so ever. When they tell you up front on the website that all that would happen, I chose to ignore it....boy was I wrong.
  4. I am a member of the Snapper’s, the car has completed three tours with them as well as many other tours. It has never let me down, runs extremely well. Looks as good as when I finished it. Just ready for a new project car. FYI the Buick is registered for the AACA Grand National Meet June 2 in Greensburg, PA. Thanks for the compliment. Pat
  5. FS, AACA Sr., AACA 2010 Edgar Rohr Award, fully restored, side curtains and cover. Excellent tourer. Located in Pittsburgh, PA. 55K Pat4127198421P.oneill5020@gmail.com
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