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  1. Yeah but newer cars are charged with R1234yf which is very explosive. Newer frigess are also charged with propan butan mix. But OK I know the discussion. Maybe if the system is running I will charge the system with r134a. The butan/Propan mixture should be like the old r12a, better cooling and less leaking.
  2. Hey, Where I get those inline filters to prevent dirt in the system? Does the filter in the drier will not prevent for damages? Im rebuilding also my AC (Compressor and hoses was missing) buyed already new Pag oil, dryer and expansion valve. I will fill my system with a butane propane mixture as r134a costs is crazy high in Europe.
  3. Yeah I will buy a rebuild one soon. What you have done with the rubber cable holders? You leave them both?
  4. Hey, Today was some of the day where everything goes wrong. I only want to change the cables from battery. Negetive no problem then I want to loose the plus on the starter and whoom the solenoid brokes. Shit but OK the starter looks old. Than I want to remove the plus cable but there are two rubber holder where the cable is in and I can't remove it? They stick it only in? What have you do? I think there are no spare parts? Sebastian with his 68, 430.
  5. Nice thank you. Than I will replace only the old main cable. The 2 copper braided wire still exist but I will replace them also in the future.
  6. Hey Riv Thanks for your answer. You mean like the negative connection shown on the picture attached? Somebody have an original factory picture?
  7. Hey, Because of corossion I want to replace the negative and positive battery cables. Does somebody know where the original negative connection is? At the moment I have two cables on the negative battery point, one goes to the chassis direct near the battery, the second goes to to a bolt of the aluminium case over the power steering where you also can adjust the belt tension. For me that looks serious. Is this the original point? Also I want to remove the backseat, somebody knows how to Remove it? Have a nice day. Sebastian
  8. The misfire on full throttle sounds like a machine gun. When I move the gas pedal smoothly it seems to be OK. What is to prefer the TA Performance HEI for 100, pertronix about 200 or msd 6 AL for 250? Will I get some more power?
  9. Hey, I read in the chassis manual that the Riv needs a tire pressure from 24 psi which is about 1,65 bar. Actually I had 33 psi (2,3 bar). On 24 psi the tire was so flat that I don't trust to drive and fill in 33 psi again. I have a 225 75 r15 tire. What tire pressure you drive? Also I drive some 1/4 mile times and recognized some heavy misfiring when I reach about 80 mph. Before 80 miles I don't have problems. What can happened?
  10. Hey I got a power antenna with broken mast and nylon insert. Can I got a repair kit anywhere?
  11. Hello Riv Owners, Can anybody confirm that these compressor will fit in my 68 Riviera? Can't find anything to this model. Seller said its from a 69 wildcat.
  12. Today it was the next day to work on my Riv. Tested with a fan in the exhaust where it blow fumes from. Every connection from the exhaust is leaking. No wonder that it's smells in the inner for exhaust fumes. After the last time where I can switch to ignition I can start today the car and 5 minutes later it was dead. I identify that the plus cable crimp on the battery is lose. I hope that was the failure but I wonder that I had the last time ignition. Stupidly I put my dashboard on the roof and it fall down and cracked. What a bad mistake. Otherwise I test my new car jack.
  13. Sorry for my late reply. Today I started to remove the antenna and surprisingly it was easy and I don't need to remove the wheel housing. For mounting I only put my Riv on jack stands. Stupidly somebody remove the electric antenna and install a manual. So now I know why the antenna switch isn't working.
  14. Serious today I try to start the engine and no problem starts as always. Any ideas? @NC Yeah thank you. I taking apart all lighters and got them to work. Recently I try to get the original radio to work. Also the clock the cruise control and courtesy light switch now works. Last week I got the wiper washer also to work.
  15. Hello Riviera Owners, I have some questions 1. Yesterday I drive 5 hours and had no problems but I shut off the engine before my garage and can't get it on. Battery is OK. When I turn ignition to start I hear the buzzer beep but starting motor is not working. Any ideas? 2. Is it normal that the buzzer is on everytime when I will turn on the engine?