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  1. From an odor removing perspective, is it worth it trying to remove the carpet from the car altogether and then dying it or trying to keep it in? Bearing in mind that this thing has been sitting in a wooded, humid area for eight years. There is some mold, but most has been dried out by keeping it in the garage for months.
  2. Kevin M, That’s similar, I’ve had it sitting in the garage drying out for a while, so the water is gone, but it looks like that was what was happening, as well as a bunch of dirt and old pieces of leaves and such that have migrated in there overtime. Just trying to figure out if there’s anyway to get in and clean it versus buying a whole new assembly, and then sealing the cracks in the top where the water is entering.
  3. Thanx for the info Dave. Problem with mine is that small gaps forrmed in the area between the plastic housing and and the (rubber?) seal around the outer edge near the corners where the rain/etc. runoff would come down from the trunk surround over the taillight. After 8 years of sitting in a rather wooded neighborhood, junk just built up in the lens interio via the cracks/gaps. Just trying to see if it can be cleaned out even remotely easily. Rob
  4. Thanx Ronnie! Been looking for alink on how to replace a headliner (and interior carpet too), can you help me with that? Rob in VA 1991 Reatta Red Coupe
  5. Is there an easy was to remove these? One of the blinker bulb assemblies has come off and needs to be repaired. Plus, it seems like it would be easier to polish the lenses if there were off the vehicle. Thanx. Rob in VA 1991 Reatta Red Coupe
  6. Is there any way to disassemble the taillight unit to clean inside if dirt/debris has gotten in over time? Polishing has made it look much better, but I need to open and clean inside if possible to make it worth the time polishing all of it... Thanx Rob in VA 1991 Reatta Red Coupe
  7. Also, to try to get more bang for my buck, I’m bringing this thing back to life from eight years of sitting. The display seems to work great, the only problem is that the odometer shows an error message, any ideas?
  8. I never really heard a reply or a solution to my original question, I saw the post about the resistor, anybody else able to shed any light on what I need to do to make it safe for the older wheel installation?
  9. Is there any type of instruction or tutorials on how to do this?
  10. In the process of getting my new 1991 coupe up and running, but she needs a lot of interior work. Lots of mold. (Red exterior/tan interior/leather seats in good condition) Any idea where to source that (as well as headliner)? Thanx. Rob