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  1. as you live in Blighty wouldn't it be better to give your carpet a really good clean if thats one of the issues apart from the fit ?


    by the way my carpet is original and is a poor fit also so you would be taking a gamble ordering a new one and taking a chance of a better fit . 

  2. Magic Marouke was the pedigree name for my yellow lab "Sam" . i left him in the UK when i emigrated to the states back in 2007 . had him 13 years and was an awesome companion .

     hated leaving him but i couldn't take him with me . he still lived with my ex when i left so he was very well cared for . he passed away back in 2010 and i still miss him terribly every day . 




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  3. howdy from Oklahoma . i had big classic cars and american pick ups when i lived in the UK . it was certainly a challenge driving on the narrow roads and finding and fitting in to a parking space . paying a fortune for petrol was my favorite part though . 

  4. On ‎4‎/‎24‎/‎2019 at 2:11 PM, JohnD1956 said:


    Don't those metal containers sweat a lot?  It appears to me that the sealed containers cause rust and corrosion issues.  

    we use them at work to store irrigation supplies . yea they can get really warm in the summer . think these have vents in the corners though . there's all sorts of things you can do with containers theses days . there's a Netflix show about people making homes out of them

  5. living in SW Oklahoma we also get hit hard in storm season . I monitor the weather each day before I decide to take my Buick work or use the beater truck .

     would like to get a storage container sometime . its probably the best protection you can have v

  6. after my truck had a wire under the hood chewed up by a mouse I looked around for ways to keep them away from the vehicles . someone suggested mothballs . I bought two bags and placed them all around the engine bay . two days later I noticed mice had take some of the mothballs from my engine bay and transferred them to my wifes car parked next to my truck and made a cozy nest out of them . so much for moth balls I guess .

  7. 20 hours ago, MrEarl said:

    And by the way thanks for the info on the gauges. I will be looking at adding gauges to my 1979 Buick estate wagon soon and will look into these. I will also be adding a transmission temperature gauge. Do you have any installation pictures you might consider starting a tech thread in Post War with? 



    I believe that people said the autometer gauges were really nice quality so went with theses . I went through Summit as they were quite a bit cheaper and are good service and after sales .

     the tech guys at autometer were really helpful also when I had a problem setting my tach up . I have a few pics i'll post but it was all pretty straight forward . I'm no mechanic so if I can do it anyone here shouldn't have a problem .

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  8. 16 hours ago, Roadmaster75 said:

    Nice installation and good choice for equipment....... I live about 15 miles from the AutoMeter factory.

    Good folks...... they saved my bacon a couple of times when I was racing a nostalgia front engine dragster.


    beautiful Electra


    thanks mate .

    yea their tech guys are really helpful when I had a problem . I like how they are made in USA as well . I wanted a tach that would blend in with the rest of the gauges so yes this style and size was

    just right

  9. regarding the quick release clamp you have on your positive battery cable . I had a set of those a few years ago and they didn't make that good of a contact . very convenient

     though . I swapped them for some regular factory clamps and was fine after that . maybe I had poor quality ones back then but if you have problems I'd look at the clamps first .  

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  10. 4 minutes ago, JohnD1956 said:

    @Magic marouke Are you a member, or have you thought about joining the BCA?  Their National Meet is in Mid West City, Oklahoma, this year.  If you were interested in the showmanship aspect, and the judging class, your car would fit into several classes for awards.  


    First is the driven class, if you drive it 75%, or more, of the way to the National Meet from your home.

    And then it looks like it would fit into either the archival class or the 400 point class. 

    The Archival class is for cars that are essentially composed of their original parts, regardless of their condition.  The ones in better condition can get a higher level award known as the Archival Elite.  

    The 400 point class is for cars that have been restored or are original and in tip top shape.  There are three levels to this award, Gold, Silver and Bronze based upon your final score. In the Buick Club, all cars start with 400 points regardless of the class.

    So your car would fit into either of these classes.



    iv'e heard about this show and may try to go but I seriously doubt i'll make it . I work in irrigation and it will be our busy season here . its all I can do to get a Saturday morning

    off for a local show . I'll look in to the club to see what its about though .  

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  11. On ‎1‎/‎31‎/‎2019 at 10:30 AM, JohnD1956 said:

    I did know the fellow I bought it from, through the internet. He held the car for nearly six years till I could get out to get it. He used it weekly and it had 88k on it when I picked it up. The day I bought it was the first time we'd met in person. 

    But Dan was very good to us.  Put new tires on the front and had the ac checked out. Took a check from us and refused to cash it till we got home. Told us everything that was an issue and it was just as he said. 

    We have driven it to several other BCA National Meets since. We love everything about this car!


    that was a good purchase be the sound of it . a lot better than some of the meetings and dealings im sure we've all had when viewing and buying cars . I once traveled 7 hours to Arkansas to look at a 70 Nova I ended up buying .

     guy assured me it was a driver and ran good . got there and was obviously it hadn't been touched let alone ran in 6 months , some people .

    im still impressed that you drove it all that way just after buying it .

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