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  1. Loving the work. inspiring me to get my butt into gear and start working on my truck again
  2. Good morning fellas, Been awhile since my last post, life had got in the way of any truck progress and things were pushed aside why i decided what i wanted to do with the engine. Long story short i pulled the engine and box and brought it into work to give it a once over, pulled the sump and found a brown milkshake surprise waiting for me. Turns out the engine has had water sitting in the sump for the past 15 year or so, goes to show how good the sump holds up. Tore it all down to access the damage and found the cylinders are toast and the cam sustained excess
  3. Hi all been a while had some life things going on so progress has stalled but will get back into it shortly and post up some pics
  4. Gday, Sorry for the late reply have been away for a while and haven't had time to follow things up. I will be making the window supports to the same style as what was originally there even thought a lot of the wood is rotted I'm able to get the measurements from it to make them. I will be changing a few mounting points as I didn't really like the original style as they held water and dirt and started to bend over time. The history of the truck was originally a tray type used for carting goods from the docks here in Melbourne. The original colour was blue b
  5. Here are a few photos of the truck sorry for the quality when taken I didn't know the lense in camera was out so half the truck gets cut out
  6. Gday Dave, Ill get all the details when I'm at the truck next. As for parts I am going to build the wooden body first and get all the old rotted sections out of the shed (Only have a single car garage) so it abit squishy at the moment. Once body complete ill have more time to access whats missing as I still have boxes to rummage through and see whats there. Thanks Sean
  7. Hey Stakeside, I am using Victorian Ash hardwood for the build as its is available in the sizes I need. As this in not a true rebuild there has been a few variations I have put in place to strengthen the body as well as shorten its width because the original build was rubbing against sides. As I have torn it down I noticed that the truck was originally a tray truck with the front and doors being a modern addition. I guessing it was built around the 40 - 50s due to the fact a lot of the timber is in metric measurements and going by the type of bolts and screws. It had been a ki
  8. Quick update of progress. Old rotted timber removed and new hardwood being cut
  9. The parts im after so far are: Handbrake lever. Oil and amp guage Basically all dash bits would be handy. Fuel tank if any good. Throttle and distriburor linkages. Speedo cable There is more but these would help out alot
  10. Hi. Im currently restoring a 1926 and would be interested in various parts if your willing to part it out and send to Australia. Looking for alot of small bits for engine and dash and if possible the window frames as missing them. Let me know if we can sort something out
  11. Thanks for the replys i have been in touch with people in Australia and they are looking for bits and pieces as well. Both your trucks are beautiful. Hopimg mine will be to that stage some day. I dont have chassis number as of yet bet will when i pick it up from storage. Quick question i need some photos of the engine and dash and how its all run and plumbed. As its been 17 years since me and dad worked on it im having trouble with the layout. Any pics would be greatly appreciated. My email is smqt@live.com if thats easier
  12. Hi all. Am building my dads truck after years of putting it on the back burner. Am interested to see what parts are avaliable as some bits are missing. Most of the mechanical hass been built vut missing guages and various other things. Parts in Australia are like hens teeth so reaching out to others to see if i can get this running. amam Am
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