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  1. I spoke to the son, I believe about a week ago about what is available for my car.
  2. I had a radiator flushed by a radiator shop, overheated first long trip, btw it had been pulled and sent out to them, came back painted. Different radiator shop found the bottom tank was a solid chunk of dirt with a narrow passage to the lower hose.
  3. What good luck that you only needed wheel cylinders and a MC rebuild. My booster has been bypassed with a late 50s one mounted on the firewall. Not sure if either work. Will probably rebuild the original and loose the firewall one. i'll check with SMS about the Tolex. Desert valley is checking for me now about those parts, thanks. Greg
  4. John, Thanks for your reply. I was basing the run on that hardware on looking at photos and videos online of station wagons from those eras. While the natural wood changes, the chrome bits all look the same to me, tho you can't see the pivots in photos. all the other bits look identical. Of course I could be wrong! Thanks for the tip on the fabric. I'm going to redo the front bench myself. My back seats are mint. well, apart from the pivots missing. Good luck with your sell off. I've included a pic of the pivot on the outboard side of the back seat-I need the inner ones. greg
  5. Mike, I am also just starting out on a 1951 Chrysler Station Wagon. Mine is a Windsor Town and Country in sea foam green. How has the brake overhaul gone? Mine has the taxi package. Which I'm assuming means larger brakes and suspension. I haven't gotten started on anything yet, just looking for a junk yard parting out one. Still haven't found one. I need some of the back seat mounting hardware and some trim pieces. if anybody knows of one let me know! any chrysler or desoto from 51 to 56 will work for the back seat. Does yours have the faux alligator upholstery? greg