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  1. I have 2 handles and with a little re-chroming, both of them are going to look fabulous on my vehicle. Thank you to everyone who chimed-in, dug through a box, and wished me well.
  2. I'll go check them out, thank you! Meanwhile, Handleman is digging through his crates for me.
  3. I did. Now I'm sitting by the phone like a teenage girl on a Friday night.
  4. I'm happy with my Hagerty insurance. My tagless (and motionless) Buick got bundled in with my vintage bikes and its a very fair price.
  5. I still need this part. I am/ was the proud owner of 2 drivers side door handles, and no Passenger handle. lol (Yes, Pete who was kind enough to dig up a handle and sell it to me, but it too was a driver's side handle. I've focused on getting her up and running, now I am back to this little parts issue. Please look through your car bootie and see if you have one to sell? * The photo is for reference only, it is the DRIVERS side- NOT the Side I need. The 49 Buick Super Model 56C passenger door handle that I need will be open front /the teardrop-shape where
  6. I love it! keep the videos and cruise shots coming guys, I need them as inspiration. My 49 Buick is in the middle of a " hurry up and wait" period of restoration. Lots of fabricating and modifying going on around here! and I second that motion! HBBBB 60FlatTop.
  7. That is a fantastic wagon! I've never seen one like it.
  8. Glad you got me to clarify, now maybe all those old Buick owners will look through their treasures and find one for me
  9. I am, indeed, missing a door handle / The car did not come with 2 door handles at the time of purchase.
  10. The battery-powered timing light by FLAMING RIVER sells on Amazon for $60 and I can use it on the old bikes, so won't go to waste. We lost all of our tools (and much more) in a garage & shop fire a few years ago- it's a long, heartbreaking story that I won't go into.... anyways, I expect to be buying tools for a long time to come.
  11. wow, WoW, WOW! she is a beauty. Please advise me on what I can expect for maintenance (PM me if you think you'll bore the pants off the rest of the forum). I want to know everything! I salute your collection sir.
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