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  1. Hello Pat, Just wondering if you have 36 Buick parts? I'm looking for an original grill good condition or broken for parts and all the hood Passenger side stainless/chrome trim. Thanks,
  2. I know this is a very old post but what are the odds that Dave is still around or handles car parts? Just wondering if Dave or anyone has an original 1936 Buick pot metal grill that I can be use for pieces parts to repair my grill?
  3. Hello group, I am looking to purchase and old busted 1936 Buick Grill or parts for one depending on price. The pot metal runners on mine are cracked and I would like to see if I could find some runners off a broken or destroyed one if anyone has one laying around in their parts bin. Its a long shot but worth a try. Thanks, Randy 985-212-2125
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