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  1. As I am new to this thread and I have been reading your comments I thought I might share. I have a 24/54x roadster that has been in the family since 1980. It has cast iron front brake drums. This improved its braking capacity, reliability, etc. The fellow my father bought the car off was a retired civil engineer who used to make race cars. He made some timber blanks up, got the drums cast and then spun them up on a lathe. They have been on the car the whole time and it has been driven regularly since 1988. Separate to this I am nearly finisde an 8 month freshen up of the engine. The motor has JP slugs. As my father has a 38 century conv coupe we decided to compare Pistons. After measuring etc we found that they would be a good replacement for the original Pistons. My motor had to go out 100 thou for the JP Pistons the civil engineer got made while the 38 Pistons didn't need as much depending on which size you ordered. Believe it or not there are several 1930 Buick standards in my local area that are also running 38 century Pistons.
  2. I've recently come across several 26, 27 Buick standard derelicts in Australia with these features (Holden bodies). I was talking to the owner of the cars and it appears that the factory was making special custom runs of these cars as a point of difference. Based on this thread it appears most went to NZ but some are in Aus. I suppose we still see this practise today by car manufacturers.