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  1. Deffinatly got removeable head. Barry
  2. Hi guys thanks for quick reply's. Yes I have a good spark at the new plugs. yes I have checked leads to correct plugs (1342). The rotor arm is turning in a clockwise direction. I am thinking its time to pull the head off and have a close look. As compression is low. But a bit worried. Is there anything else I should check first. ? Before I pull the head off can I determine if its valves or pistons. ? What gaskets do I need to buy and are they available? (4 cylinder)
  3. Hi all, Ok Buick still wont start. The engine turns over freely on starter. I have new fuel in the vacum cylinder and I have checked its coming though carb. I have a new battery 6V , coil and spark plugs. The timing is fireing just before TDC on number 1 cylinder. I have a good spark and the firing order is 1342. I have tried easy start and also a little petrol straight down the cylinders. I have done a compression test and got 30lbs the same on all for cylinders. I poured a little oil down all four cylinders and got 35lbs best 40 again the same on all four cylinders. Its not even trying to start, just turning over. What am I doing wrong ? Whats the next step , is it head off? Many thanks Barry
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