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  1. Thanks guys, so what do I ask for ? mild steel bolts ? or Stainless ?
  2. Great advise thank you. Yes I have a new gasket and intend to put copper gasket Sealant on it. I think my bolts are 100 years old and soft. If I replace them what should they be, High tensile steel..?
  3. My 23 Buick I am About to put my 4 cylinder head back on my rebuilt engine. Any good tips or advise? do I need new head bolts? how tight do I do them up? thanks guys
  4. Just rebuilding my 1923 Buick engine, do I put some sealant (hermatite blue) on the head gasket ? There is also a thin 0005 paper like gasket between short cylinder block and crankcase. Should I put sealant on that as well?
  5. Thanks for your reply. That’s interesting. There was definitely a thin paper gasket it was .005 Between short cylinder block and crankcase. When I collected my engine from the machine shop he even cut me a new price of 005 paper of the roll and reminded me not to forget to install it. What about a sealant (hermatite blue) on the head gasket?
  6. I have new snap (circlips) on each end. was more worried about wrist pin turning. thanks
  7. I’m reassembling my 23 Buick 4 cylinder engine. there is a thin almost paper like gasket between the short cylinder block and the crank case. I’ve managed to find some paper gasket and made a thin gasket, but should I put gasket Sealant on both sides of this paper? When I put the head gasket on should that have sealant on both sides as well.?
  8. Need advise, I’m not an expert and need help. rebuilding my engine and I am fitting new pistons. l’ve got new pistons to fit and new wrist pins. but my question is, should the piston be fitted permanently to the wrist pin? should there be split pins though the pistons and the wrist pins? Am I right in thinking the wrist pins could start turning in the pistons. There are two holes?
  9. Thanks, good to know other Buick’s in England, I’ll private message owner.
  10. Thanks guys, the diagram really helps on my rebuild. Think I’m the only 1920,s Buick this side of the pond. Cant even find any books. So this site is my lifeline. Barry London, England
  11. Can anyone explain and how the parts marked in pictures work. Excactly what do they do. thanks
  12. Thanks for reply Aussie So my car only has rear wheel brakes. Built 1922. So is my car a a 23-35 ?
  13. I’m confused I thought my car was a 24-35. Built 1922 in Melbourne Australia, 4 cylinder. Am I wrong ?
  14. Restoring my 1922 4 cylinder Buick. I have the head in the machine shop, skimmed and now need to get hold of 4 exhaust valves and gasket set. can anybody help..? Barry london,England
  15. Thanks I’ll email and ask
  16. I’m servicing my 1922 4 cylinder Buick engine and need 4 exhaust valves and 8 x gaskets. also need a head gasket. Anybody have any ideas where I might obtain these.? Barry London, England.
  17. Hi Roadsterguy, not sure when you advertised this. Do you still have .?.is it still for sale ? many thanks
  18. Hi guys here’s a few pictures of my 1922 RHD Buick in London, England.
  19. Thanks Guys. Really appreciate your views. Wonder if there are other 4 cylinder 1923 Buicks in the UK ?
  20. Jerry thank you I have sent Olsens an email. Brian thanks for info, do you think it should still fire with only 25lbs compression ? Funny I get same reading on all four cylinders 25lbs. Wet test it only went up 30 max 35 lbs. Im going to borrow another gauge before I pull the head. The only thing I remember was last time i drove it on the way back it did seem to begin to lose power.
  21. Thanks Terry, but I have low compression 25lbs or each cylinder. I don't understand why the same reading on all 4 cylinders 25lbs. If I take the Head off why can i by a Head Gasket from ?
  22. Before I remove the head. If I turn the engine over and I feel suction or air being forced coming out of the oil filler or dip stick hole its the pistons . is that correct. Where can I buy a 4 cylinder head gasket ?
  23. The last she ran was November. I did notice she lost some power once she had warmed up and had done a mile. We had a really cold spell in January here in London. Barry
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