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  1. Pistons are available from a company in Australia. They are very reasonably priced and shipping won’t cost you as much as you thing. But you have to be patient it takes time.
  2. Terry , Hubert I did it, I stripped it down and got it going 😀😀😀 Just put it back on the car. When I connected the battery it started to spin slowly, I know this is the slow spin for the alinement., but I thought it would not spin until the ignition is on.? The other thing on the plunger (the pointed bar which goes in when you push the pedal) there is a groove/slot. Should there be a screw into this slot to stop it spinning ?
  3. Hubert, it’s not looking good. stripped it down and repaired bared wires. Rebuilt and bench tested. Nothing. It appears to be shorting though. When I attach the earth cable it sparks. which to me seams to indicate a short? any ideas where to look? or is it the armature burnt though?
  4. Thank you. Not looking forward to stripping it down but needs must.
  5. Hubert thank you for you knowledge and kind words. I tested and rearranged the wiring to make sure that I had 6v at both terminals with the ignition on. still nothing. So rolled my sleeves up, spanner’s out and took the s/g off the car. I haven’t had a good look yet but straight away inside just where the plunger comes in I can see a bear wire. Looks like the plunger has been rubbing or short circuit. It’s late now so tomorrow I’ll have to take it apart. Any tips?
  6. So with ignition switch on I should have 6v at both terminals ?
  7. Thank you Hubert, what would I do without you 👍😀 ok I have no voltage at the the A or armature terminal. (#3) No voltage on the old terminal left on inside of bolt ? ?
  8. Need help with this one 😞 Starter working fine, but doing some maintance on the Delco starter generator. I replaced the small black wire with red ends which runs from one of the right terminals down to the small brush. Now nothing,! I have a good 6v battery and good neg earth i have good 6v at the large terminal inside the Delco. The small yellow/black wire goes up to ignition switch again 6v there. it comes back via small blue and white cable to left small terminal again good 6v there. press starter pedal all gear moves forward. Then dead? Nothing! there is no power at the right small terminal which has the black cable I replaced and a yellow and black cable which goes up to number 3 on back of ignition switch. in the second picture you can just see the broken connector bottom right. All I did was move my new connector to the other side to touch yellow and black cable. Can somebody check if this wirering is correct? I have the diagram posted here before. all looks good to me, so what’s happened? Help Please !
  9. Perfect, thank you so much. I would never have found where it goes. Shows the power of this web site and my friend’s worldwide. Thank you.
  10. Just finished a complete rebuild of the engine and engine bay of my 4 cylinder 1923 Buick. I am idiot 🤪 just like all the old jokes, on the self after I finished I still have this bolt left where does it go?
  11. The copper tube has been broken, so I guess that’s it. Will never work.!,
  12. I thought the ether ones had a tube to the gauge. this has thick copper wire shielded in a steel braid.
  13. Guys just about finished my restoration, but how does this work. when I took the top hose off inside was this sender unit. A elderly man told me “that’s rare, don’t damage it” I took the modern gauge off. There is no power to the sender or gauge. There is just a thick copper wire that is shielded by a braided wire. I put the sender in some boiling water and nothing happened. surly it most have some power going to one end.
  14. The gaskets came from Olsen’s.
  15. Maybe I don’t need the gasket just some gum gum ?
  16. This picture shows insert left in and new gasket
  17. What would you do ? my exhaust manifold has some inserts in the end which line it up with the engine block. I have brought some new gaskets to go between manifold and engine. should I remove the inserts or leave them in?
  18. The sump, note somebody has added a dipstick, which was to long.
  19. Rebuilt, checked oil pump today. All working ok. reassembled on to car. Then I noticed the small holes in the cross pipe are facing downwards! This part looks newer, guessing someone has had a go in the past. Am I right in thinking these holes should face inwards/upwards to spray oil onto bearings? Whats the point of spraying oil downwards into the sump. Can I just drill some new holes on the top side?
  20. Ok she’s going back together slowly. live attached some pictures. new pistons all seems fine.
  21. Ok the head is back on. Need to adjust tappits. what clearance should they be?
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