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  1. I could use a little help finding a trunk support for my 37 D5 coupe rebuild. the trunk support was taken while in storage at a friends barn. i would like to replace it with the original, and not gas struts. the support was the type that you extend fully once to engage, and extend fully again to release. I have one from a 37 dodge sedan, but it is not the same length. I would be happy to trade for one that fits. Other parts from the sedan will also be put up for sale.
  2. I am currently working on a 37 coupe.(frame off restoration) The front fenders appear to be in good condition. good parts are always needed. Please PM me at snp@multi-craft.net
  3. no problem, i should have checked to see if you were still active on this subject before i jumped in.
  4. Have not heard back in a while, do you still have the transmission for sale?
  5. I just wasted my time, and fortunately not my money with a scammer trying to sell 37 dodge parts. Raceboy328@gmail aka mike Howard please pay attention to who, and how you deal with people on the web. Not everyone who reads this web site is a hobbyist. It’s easy to be a scumbag when there is no accountability, or reciprocity. Thanks for listening to me rant.
  6. Plyroadking i am still interested in the transmission, and oxford Kansas would work fine. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I was derailed by a scammer on this website acting like he was you. I will report this to the website moderator so maybe others will not get scammed. Do you happen to know the model number of the overdrive, and do you mind sending a picture. How much are you asking? thank you
  7. looks like about a 7 hour drive. that would make for a good trip on a weekend.
  8. Thank you, Ill give him a try.
  9. Plyroadking, Do you still hane a overdrive transmision that would fit a 37 dodge coupe? I am rebuilding to original, but would like to have the overdrive to cruise without the high rpms, Thanks for your time Sean Pittman
  10. Im looking for a set of doors for a 1937 dodge coupe, mine are ate up with rust much worse than i thought they were. Thanks for any help
  11. I would like to know if you still have this, or can make a copy of it for me. very interesting brochure. Thank you,