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  1. I am getting ready to order some reproduction body parts, and have checked out 2 particular vendors online. SRPM, and the Plymouth Dr. seem to both have the parts that i will be needing. Floor pans, front cowls, rocker panels. Has anyone here had experience good or bad with either of them, and are there any preferences? Thanks for the feedback.
  2. I am needing a rear window trim(garnish molding) for a 1937 dodge coupe. please let me know if you can help out. Thank you
  3. Parting out a 1937 dodge 4 door sedan d5. Parts available for sale left and right rear vent windows. 40.00 ea. Left and right rear vent window garnish trim 30.00 ea. left and right back window glass with garnish 30.00 ea. left and right rear ash trays 30.00 ea. left and right rear door window regulators. 30.00 ea. left and right rear door latch mechanisms. 30.00 ea. left and right rear grab handles 30.00 ea back side of front seat grab rope with complete ends. 40.00 left and right rear door window garnish trims. 30.00 ea. left and right front door garnish trim 30.00 ea. left and right trunk hinges 50.00 ea. The stripped frame will be available for sale next week. 100.00 must be picked up local. If you are interested in any of these items, or need pictures, let me know. These items will be going to eBay if there is no interest here. Thanks
  4. Yes I did look. The dust pans are in poor condition, the left side is partially rusted away. I thought that I sent pics, but I guess they didn’t make it. I’ll try again
  5. I’ll check this afternoon and let you know
  6. you dont happen to have any running board antennas by any chance?
  7. John, i can take pictures of the molding for you. it will not be a complete set, as i needed the trim pieces from the front end. All 4 doors, and the rear quarter molding is complete, and in good condition if your interested.
  8. I am putting a hold on selling parts from the 37 dodge sedan until I get a better idea of what I need to keep for my project. I got ahead of myself. There will be some parts for sale later, but I need more time to be sure that I keep what I need. Thank you
  9. Im positive that it is a 37, and i know that many parts from a 36 will not work. The floor pans in this vehicle are so rusted, that they would be of no use. thank you
  10. I am parting out a 1937 dodge sedan. It is in rough condition(rusted out), but several good restorable items. Rear windows and garnish trims, quarter windows with garnish trim, front and back seats. rear ash trays, and grab handles. transmission, rear end, drive shaft, doors(very rusted) stainless trim. If there is any interest, please PM me for more details.
  11. I could use a little help finding a trunk support for my 37 D5 coupe rebuild. the trunk support was taken while in storage at a friends barn. i would like to replace it with the original, and not gas struts. the support was the type that you extend fully once to engage, and extend fully again to release. I have one from a 37 dodge sedan, but it is not the same length. I would be happy to trade for one that fits. Other parts from the sedan will also be put up for sale.
  12. I am currently working on a 37 coupe.(frame off restoration) The front fenders appear to be in good condition. good parts are always needed. Please PM me at snp@multi-craft.net
  13. no problem, i should have checked to see if you were still active on this subject before i jumped in.