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  1. Thanks Phil, Not sure if either of those will be available in the UK but I'll have a look. Thanks again Joe
  2. Thanks Phil. One more paint related question, what shade red did you use for the emblem? Thanks Joe
  3. Hi Phil, Your car is fantastic as are your skills and willingness to have a go. The results are a testament to you. The colour of your engine is very similar to mine. What shade of blue is it that you are using? Regards Joe
  4. Hi Craig Just to let you know I received the water pump on Tuesday this week and it is now sitting in my garage awaiting fitting. Thank you for the flyers, I will pass the spare ones on to my friends that own yanks. You will definitely be my first port of call for any future Caddy and Ponty requirements. Thanks Joe
  5. Thanks Craig, Very much appreciated. Looking forward to receiving the part and seeing what other goodies you have available. Thanks again it's been a pleasure doing business with you. Regards Joe
  6. Hello Summershandy That looks really good. I don’t posses the skills or tools to make my own so the search will continue.☹️ Joe
  7. Morning Craig That all sounds good to me. You are correct in not having to return the core, that is a big saving. l’ll keep the old pump and maybe i’ll Be able to find the parts required and build it up for an emergency spare. my last name is Hunt. I will look out for the PayPal invoice. Thank you for your help with this. Regards Joe
  8. Morning Gary, The bolt spacings are the same so all looks good. Can i be cheeky and ask if $200 all in would be acceptable to you? Regards Joe
  9. Hi Craig Missed out the second "T" in Northamptonshire😏🙃
  10. Ah! I see. The top hold down itself had a cover. I will confirm tomorrow Gary once I've measured the bolt spacing. Thanks Gary and 55er for the pics and explanation. Joe
  11. Hi Gary, Thank you for the reply. Let me check the hold down bolts on my battery tonight. I am sure it will be ok as my battery sits perfectly in the tray. When you say you don't have the top cover, is this not the top hold down cover? or am i misunderstanding something being quite new to Pontiacs? Regards Joe
  12. Hello Craig, My Address is, The Old Bake House Cottage 24 Preston Deanery Road Quinton Northamponshire NN7 2DZ UK Regards Joe
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