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  1. Hi Phil, Thanks very much for the explanation and the drawings. I did take one of mine apart last week and spray all parts and rubber with WD40, reassembled it but still no joy. After reading this last night i took the same one apart to check the rubber parts and all were soft and flexible except the larger seal which was hard and unfortunately brittle as it fell apart as i tested the flexibility!😣 Am i right in thinking this "plunger" is a single part and can't be separated to replace the seal? I do have another which was apparently NOS, That one is on the car at the moment but still doesn't work so i will take that apart at the weekend to check the rubber with a bit more of a delicate touch. Thanks again, your help is very much appreciated. Joe
  2. Thanks Charles, Your reply is very much appreciated. Joe
  3. Hi 55er, Yep i done the same with my Cadillac but as this is in a more original state I thought i'd try again and i also thought Phil appears to be able to "make the dead walk"😀so maybe he could help.😀 Sorry Phil not meaning to hi jack your thread. Joe
  4. Hi Phil, Fantastic work mate and what a great read. I hope this is kept on here so other people like myself can use it as a guide. Being in the UK makes it a little harder and more expensive to source parts, so it is great to see how to do some home repairs. Although many of the repairs you have done I wouldn't dream of attempting as i just don't have the skill set. Question, Have you done any work on your vacuum washer system as i can't get mine to work and would appreciate any advice or help in doing so. I have two washer bottles, one that was on the car when i bought it and a NOS one that i recently purchased but can't get any flow from either. My car is a 51 also so obviously will be the same set up as yours but i don't know if all the parts are there so some pics of an operating system would also help. Thanks Joe
  5. Thanks for clearing that up for me 55er.👍 Joe
  6. Hi Guys, Attached is a picture of the Vin Tag on my 51 coupe. Does the "SO" after the number mean special order? If so what would that incorporate? Thanks Joe
  7. Hi Guys, The spring to hold the rear light unit up during filling with fuel is weak and doesn't hold the unit up. Does anyone know if these springs are available anywhere or has anyone come up with a home made fixing that works. Thanks Joe
  8. Hi Gary, Thanks for the reply. I have done what i consider to be the basic checks with no luck. The system on my 51 is a vacuum so i am assuming there wouldn't be any ticking. Regards Joe
  9. Hi Guys, I recently purchased a NOS water bottle to replace the one on the car in the hope that it would solve the issue of the washers not working but unfortunately, it didn't. There is suction at one of the pipes and there is a small amount of resistance at the washer control, i am assuming this is kind of indicating there is pressure there but i could be wrong. Any pointers in the right direction would be most helpful. Thanks Joe
  10. Thanks Phil, Not sure if either of those will be available in the UK but I'll have a look. Thanks again Joe
  11. Thanks Phil. One more paint related question, what shade red did you use for the emblem? Thanks Joe
  12. Hi Phil, Your car is fantastic as are your skills and willingness to have a go. The results are a testament to you. The colour of your engine is very similar to mine. What shade of blue is it that you are using? Regards Joe
  13. Hi Craig Just to let you know I received the water pump on Tuesday this week and it is now sitting in my garage awaiting fitting. Thank you for the flyers, I will pass the spare ones on to my friends that own yanks. You will definitely be my first port of call for any future Caddy and Ponty requirements. Thanks Joe
  14. Thanks Craig, Very much appreciated. Looking forward to receiving the part and seeing what other goodies you have available. Thanks again it's been a pleasure doing business with you. Regards Joe
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