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  1. Thanks again Ben. I'll check lube as best I can from 4ft.....Prone to think lube isn't the issue as I 'lubed' "every imaginable" last fall and the passenger side shows clear evidence of the lube........Rod adjustment.....have to try something I guess. Will report back Thanks again for taking the time.
  2. Ben, greatly appreciate the reply - I have opened other side and tried to determine what was 'hanging up'. The problem seemed to be with the catch at the front but that is awfully hard to see or get to....any experience/hints or guess? *I notice that little ball/stop on the cable.......might I loosen that to gain more distance to pull? Hmm, bet the mechanism is quite different on the '50, what with the wrench operation OR does that just activate a cable set-up?
  3. This site is frustrating me......Technical advice, hint thought not included in the subject matter Can't figure out where to go for what.....I seem to have posted a Title that is actually a message, tried 'cutting' didn't seem to work. Would seem that perhaps this is the area for commentary? Still have hood release problem... What's the 'required' drag/attach files routine? Providing picture just to fulfill the requirement.