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  1. Thank you all for your help guys ;D I have just joined to the franklin club members, as you adviced me. I'm very pleased that you react so fast, and if it is possible can you, Steve, send me some pictures of engine compartment? You can send it to me in private message or i can give u my email addres, as you prefer.
  2. Hello guys, I'm renovating 1932 Airman, but it's a little bit problematic. I'm from Poland and i am probably the only one owner of Franklin automobile in my country, so i can not contact with anybody here. I'm looking for people, who got the same car like me, because i have not got a clue how to place some parts to make car looks the most original (like it was 90 years ago). I would be very greatful for anybody, who can help me. I just need some photos of chosen parts of car, so i'm gonna know how to correctly place everything. So guys, if u want to help me, i mean send some pictures or maybe giving me some pieces of advise, just write something bellow here, it would be perfect. I'm sorry for every mistake i've made writing this post, so if you dont understand something just ask me. There are some photos of my Franklin