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  1. The amperes/watts are more than on the sealed beams -> relays it is. H1 55W Bulbs, H4 60/55W Bulbs. You can buy 100W bulbs, but those could heat up everything as well as piss of the oncoming traffic.
  2. I drive the Riviera regularly also during night time and could not see/be seen safely with the tired old lights, so an upgrade to the lights had to be done. A small notch was required to fit the middle high beam H1 headlamp. The outer low/high H4 fits in straight. The housing for the halogen bulb is wider than what is in a sealed beam headlamp. The Hella H1 high beam base width is 60 mm/2.4 inch. The result is nothing to compare to the modern HID/LED lights, but I claim that I can see 50-75% more than before. http://dastern.torque.net/Photometry/575.html
  3. I think these have been around for 10+ years ? But I guess we'll be wiser on Wednesday. I Placed the order.
  4. Has anyone tried to fit these on a -68/69 Riviera ? The rear plug connection with the old sealed beams looks to be already a bit tight. http://www.myhellalights.com/index.php/products/auxiliary-lamps/sealed-beam-conversion-headlamps/vision-plus-5-75in-conversion-headlamp/
  5. As it so often happens, I went with something else than what I had in mind and what was suggested. The local PepBoys had the BF Goodrich 235/70-15s on sale and available for $100/tire. They don't rub at all, at least not at parking lot speed. The speedometer is showing 5% fast compared to the GPS. A little worrying is, that they tried to lift the car from the body before I could interrupt them The next guy knew how to lift the car correctly.
  6. Thank you Gents for all the suggestions. Ed, I read on an other thread, that you had slight tire rub on the 1st gen Riv. What was the tire you were using ? Has anyone here tried the 235s on a 2nd gen Riv ? Hankook makes decent summer tires and on a standard vehicle I would not care about the looks because function overrides form. Anyhow, with the Riviera, I have to admit that I'm not too keen to have the Hankook name highlighted on the side wall. Any experience on the Cooper products ?
  7. Thank you Rivdrivn. My follow up on the first question is: Is the 235 a better option than the 225, pros/cons ?
  8. Hi everybody. After a long thought I finally got myself a -69 Riviera. It needs new tires. I believe the wheels are 853 15x6, since the car has the factory discs in the front ? I've been looking at the Cooper Cobra 235/70-15 and Trendsetter WW 235/75-15 tires. http://us.coopertire.com/tires/cobra-radial-g-t.aspx http://us.coopertire.com/tires/trendsetter-se.aspx Will these fit without any modifications, since I'm trying not to mess with the original condition car ? Or should I stay with the 225 wide tires ? Teemu [url=https://aijaa.com/88o2Af][img]https://img.aijaa.com/m/00878/14628535.jpg[/img][/url]
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