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  1. We had the 37 66C out again and went across town and met with other Buick club members and had sundaes with a cherry on top, then when to a friends' memorial service in the park and then came home............Long live Buicks............
  2. I did and put on about 300 miles. My 37 Century Coupe convert just cruised to the AACA Museum on the Rte. 78 but took the back roads home and when we got home my wife had to pry my hands from the steering wheel...............
  3. Brian ...........Dave Brady here and would like a 36-38 Buick forum since I have two 37s. Will keep my eye on this forum if it moves forward.
  4. Would like to purchase the lock. All I need is an address to send the payment. Thanks......... David Brady..............
  5. Would like to purchase the poster if still available. David Brady, 610-965-2172. Thanks....
  6. Would like to purchase the thermometer and if you give me an address will send payment. David Brady, 610-965-2172. Thanks .........
  7. Like to purchase the switch if still available. David Brady, 525 Chestnut St., Emmaus, PA 18049.......610-965-2172. Thanks you........
  8. If there is anything I can do for you with upholstery don't hesitate to call. David Brady, Dave's Interior Restorations, 525 Chestnut St., Emmaus, PA 18049 610-965-2172. BCA #244 and this is what we do - Antique, Classic Collector , Custom Cars.
  9. Dave Brady here and in answer to your question, "yes, I restored the car myself except for the actual painting, chrome plating and engine rebuild. Did research and put in insert rod bearings and make fan hub assemblies and never have to worry about my fan going through the radiator. I also make water pump packing nuts with a neoprene seal imbedded in it stop leaks. Also updated pistons with 1933 Buick because they are 4 ring pistons. I run Evan Coolant to prevent rust in the cooling system. I will try to find pictures and send some.
  10. I'm going to introduce myself - David Brady - and from PA and I have a restored 1932 Buick 68C which has gone on to win AACA Senior Grand National and enjoy driving the car and hope to get to a Buick National with it one of these days when the world gets better. If I can help, let me know......
  11. Just to let everyone know I make the fan hub assemblies for the 31/32/33 Buicks and used billet aluminum, stainless steel shaft and sealed bearings. I also make the water pump shaft nut with a modern neoprene seal imbedded into the nut. I'm in PA.
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