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  1. Just checked I have Neg earth (sorry ground) and checked firing order 1342. Just tried some easy start straight down plug holes. Did'nt even fire.
  2. Thank you Brian I will check Ground is Neg. As a matter of interest what differance can it make ? Thank you Mark , I will check timing.
  3. I have a right hand drive 1923 Buick tourer. based in london UK. I am having problems starting at the moment. I have just noticed it is negative earth. Have I connected the battery the wrong way round or does it not matter ?
  4. Thanks Ronnie What about being neg earth ? Barry
  5. She is negative earth, Is that correct or have I put the battery back on the wrong way ? Doe's it matter ? Regards Barry
  6. Hi Guys. Thanks for warm welcome. Did you notice she is right hand drive. Don't know of anybody who knows about old Buicks this side of the pond (London) Ok I have a freash full 6v battery. She spins freely like she always did. I have taken the carb off and can feel suction on the intake. I have refitted, put new fuel in the vacum opened the small bottom valve and have fuel in the float chamber. Am I right in saying if I poured a small amount of fuel direct down the plug holes she should fire a bit ? I have a good spark for 6v
  7. Hi i'm new to this site, but need help. I have a 1923 4 cylinder 45 Tourer. She used to run fine but now won't start. She turns over. I have a good spark and the carb seems fine. I can't test compression as the spark plug hole is two large for any gauge i own. I have even tried pouring a little petrol down spark plug hole. but got nothing. I thought I could try turning her over on a 12v battery, would this help?
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