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  1. I actually believe he did this and it did not start. That’s why he said to buy one to be installed . I will know tomorrow for sure
  2. Thank you Ted we will try it. Appreciate it bud
  3. I’ve also mentioned that I had the wrong info from the start. I’m not saying it’s related I’m saying I’m changing out the resistor first to see if it was the problem. I also stated a while back that the issue WAS a no start after it was running. And yes I did describe it that way. I was just relaying what the mechanics thought the issue could be. That’s why I started a thread for HELP because I am not that mechanically inclined. I appreciate your help but if you think you wasted too much of your time on the thread then I appreciate your help and knowledge. I have been communicating everything to my mechanic that everyone has been telling me. And it has been very helpful and he has already tested everything and that is why we are at the resistor. Thanks again
  4. Yes I have the manual mechanic went through it. Will be changing out ballast resistor and then starter if needed. . The resistor is where he came across the issue and thinks it will need to be changed out. Cheap replacement will keep you updated
  5. He really thinks it the electrical so he’s siding on that first. Really can’t get enough speed and compression. to get it started. But he’s not ruling anything out until he can hear it run
  6. Yes I know. I was wrong earlier. Ballast is the resistor. It is not wired to the starter. The starter on its own is low on voltage. Also I think we may have cranked it too many time and wore it out. We will change the resistor first and a fresh set of battery cables. Then install fresh starter. Will let you know if it kicks
  7. Yes that is why my engine is turning over slowly and won’t start. He checked from battery to starter everything seemed fine till he hit the ballast and voltage was low. Cheap enough to replace. That’s when the starter was checked and the voltage was also low.
  8. The first mechanic didn’t charge me a dime. The second is much more cautious and a trouble shooter. All he replaced so far was the cap rotor and condenser that the first mechanic didn’t do only points. So mechanic # 2 already did the digging now noticed the ballast only at 5v and starter was only producing 5-9v so I made the call to change them out which was only $200 . The car is not producing enough speed and compression to start the motor so he thinks with a new starter high torque should give it enough speed . Sorry if some things I say don’t make sense I’m not a mechanic and I’m trying to translate the best I can.
  9. Sorry I’m not a mechanic. The ballast was only putting out 5v
  10. So the mechanic is down to the ballast resistor not putting out 12v also bypassed it and the starter is not getting 12v either ballast is at 5 v and starter down between 5-9 v. Ordered new mini high torque starter because he thinks it burned out due to multiple cranks. and new ballast also changing the battery cables. Let’s see if this works. Also does anyone know how to tell if you have an R type hydramatic transmission on the 56 olds 88 base model? I need to order a gasket and it looks like there are two kinds
  11. That video was shot in Rochester NY 12 degree weather by the seller. I had it shipped down to Florida. When I got it the cranking was slow and pumped the gas twice and it started. I never had it long enough to test out the starting power when it was hot. I started it up in the garage with two pumps of the gas pedal backed it out of garage and then turned the car off never to be started again after I washed it
  12. I haven’t had the car in my possession. More than a week. I had it delivered here and then in shop over 4 weeks now.
  13. Thank you I will let the mechanic check that out. I posted a video of the engine running in the original post . There were no clanking sounds at all or rumbling sounds. If you can play the video and let me know what you hear if anything. Thank you
  14. Hahaha yes big piggy bank small pockets. Mechanic didn’t get back with me as of yet. I think the ground off the battery is going to the block.
  15. Yes battery was replaced with points rotor cap condenser. Swapped out coil for testing as well