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  1. Garysriv

    Brake booster

    You can get it rebuilt thru rock auto. They tell you where to ship it, takes 2-3 weeks round trip. Had mine done, maybe $125. Comes back blasted so you can finish as you like.
  2. My impression was stitching needed to be undone and restitched, maybe I'm wrong, but being a safety item I didn't want to do that. Anyway, installed and can't tell!
  3. Self etching primered.....
  4. Not surprisingly my front belt retractor covers are busted up so I got replacements from the Parts Place. Nice pieces. I did something a little different to get the belts through them though. I dremeled a slot on the opposite side of where the retracted belt rests, pulled the belt through, then used sandals epoxy to fill the slot. So far so good.
  5. Garysriv

    Useful Wait Time

    Sorry so long no reply. I got the booster rebuilt thru Rock auto. Sent them mine, and got it back rebuilt 2 weeks later for about $120 total.
  6. Garysriv

    New radiator?

    Took mine to a local old timer. He added 35% more cooling lines to keep from overheating.
  7. Garysriv

    Engine Removal

    If you need to move the car while the engine is out you can support the trans with straps...
  8. Garysriv

    Compression Ratio

    ...... Wow, great info Tom, sounds like ill be okay with the component mix I have. Also gives me some good change dimensions to measure when I get everything close to assembly.
  9. Garysriv

    Useful Wait Time

    Next step sound mat. Found a great deal on Amazon, $55 for 36 f2. Did the whole floor. Forgot to order seam tape, will finish next week.
  10. Just a question for you guys while I have the opportunity. I believe the factory comp ratio on my '65 401 is 10.25:1. Since the shop is boring the block .030, that will go up a bit (have a calculator-but for now a general question). I will be using Best head gaskets which I believe are battle thicker than the stock flat steel ones. Has anyone purposely reduced the compression on their 401 by milling the flat part of the piston? When I built my GTO I calculated it down to 9.5:1. It actually runs well on 89 octane and still has plenty of power (455 +.030 with aluminum heads). Thanks
  11. Garysriv

    Useful Wait Time

    Hahaha, well, I retired early in May so this has definitely helped with the transition. Instead of going to the office I go to the garage, which is much more fun. And I have a wonderfully supportive spouse!
  12. Garysriv

    Useful Wait Time

    Continuing non engine stuff. Had one bad area in the floor where the driver seat mounts. Cut it out and made a patch panel, buddy cam over and welded it in. Fixed the speakers, replaced all the hvac ductwork, and also converted all interior a dash lighting to LED. Also did the parking lights, all looks really good. Next up sound mat, jute, and new carpets. Mouse pee smell down to 10%.
  13. Garysriv

    Mice Mice Baby...

    Yes, i have those in my garages as well. Unfortunately the guy i bought this car from did not. I never foubd any live ones, just a few skeletons and a lot of nests.......