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  1. Yeah, to go for the test drive I used the gas I keep for my lawn tractor. Once I get it going I'll fill it with 93. For sure this car was worth saving, good honest 2 owner car that just sat in a garage in Indiana for 44 years. I have more into it than I planned but not underwater yet.
  2. All very interesting stuff. Pretty sure the vibration is on the front drums but will try the emergency brake test soon. The trans has never been apart, gonna pull the gear and see if it has teeth and at the same time put a drill on the cable and test it that way. I rebuilt the AFB. Been having this same problem for awhile. Pulled the accel pump and the one I got in the kit was crap so I ordered a better one but not much change. I have 87 octane in it now, you think 93 would help the situation? If not I may be edelbrock bound....
  3. Well, after the first drive here is what I found. 1. Once warmed up it stalls when trying to accelerate after stopping. Repeatedly. Try more choke? 2. The front drums must be way out of round. When applying the brakes it shudders to a stop, not thru the pedal but thru the wheel. Will try having them turned. Surface looked okay when I had them apart.... 3. No speedometer function Transmission worked good, went down the road smooth.....
  4. No, its been closed, actually still had a bit of pressure when I took it apart. I have replaced the condensor, drier, and did the STV conversion. I was encourage by the insides of the STV, super clean. I also flushed all the lines and evaporator, then sealed it up until I can get it pressurized. Will need a new compressor and main compressor lines. Reran all my vacuum lines, all the doors work so fingers crossed.
  5. Well, I think I've sorted out what I need to to go for a road test tomorrow. The last time this car was under it's own power on the road was in 1975. Tomorrow, if all goes well it will be again. Finally got the power steering working, went over the dwell, timing, idle mixture and put in some new plugs today. Idles well in gear and goes okay on the driveway. I know I have at least 2 gears! I am running open exhaust manifolds, so my first trip will be to the exhaust shop. Really looking forward to that because this nailhead is the loudest stock engine I've ever heard! My 455 GTO with open exhaust is silent in comparison. After the exhaust it's on to fixing the rear end ding, and getting an AC compressor and charging the system to see if it will work...bit by bit. Thanks to the forum and especially Steve Lorenzen for getting me this far.
  6. Got it all back together, everything works. Came to the realization that everything doesn't have to be air tight, it just has to be tight enough for engine vacuum to keep up. I put a vacuum gauge on a tee off of the little reservoir that feeds the hvac. With everything closed it was 18. With the heater disc open it dropped to 12 and held, and I have heat. The air side is better, under recirc it drops to 15 and holds. I think I'm good!
  7. Hi Tom. I had some light oil from rebuilding my clock, and I squirted it down each hole. Also got some silicone grease and greased the perimeter and top and bottom where the shaft goes through. Lo and behold, it holds vacuum! I'm waiting on the silicone bands as well, this may make the repair last longer but I'm thinking the band may create too much friction and the return spring may not overcome it. Also replaced all the vacuum lines.
  8. I was actually thinking of something similar. I ordered some small silicone rubber bands. I was going to smear the perimeter with silicone grease, then wrap the band around it. Its not like I'm out there everyday sliding the heat knobs back and forth. It may get me along until I can find a rebuildable one...
  9. First pic is the heater switch. Second pic is the ac switch. Under the pad the heater switch looks the same. Kinda like a river...
  10. Does anyone sell these or refurbish them? My vent vacuum system has issues. Looks like the AC disc switch holds, and the STV switch holds. However, the Heater disc has a slow leak in the off position, then when I start to move it to warm it completely loses vacuum even with all the holes plugged.....
  11. Found out when I put it back together the first time I had the pump ring in upside down. Hope that fixes it, find out tomorrow!