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  1. I see this is an old thread, I need some engine paint for my 65 rivi. I see Por-15 has two colors listed Buick Green and Buick Turquoise Green. Any updates on the correct green and where to purchase it? Thanks,
  2. I was using the Valvoline racing oil but switched to the Lucas Hotrod oil.
  3. I just sent my seat belts and retractors to Ssnake Oyl for a quote to refurbish, including new webbing.
  4. RivNut, I think the upholstery will look really good w silver paint as the chrome strands will match the silver paint.
  5. RivNut, Update on the upholstery for my 65. I purchased the 65 black custom w the Beamonde fabric from Clarks Corvair and had it professionally installed. It exceeded my expectations! The chrome strands in the fabric give the seats an awesome look and the covers are of very good quality. It looks really Sharpe and I get a lot of compliments on the interior. I highly recommend Clarks.
  6. Steve, This is joe w/ the black rivi. I changed out my 15" supremes w radial tires for 14" LA wires with Coker 520's. The look is great, but the ride changes dramatically on those bias tires, especially on the freeway. Another option is getting 175 radials assuming they fit, since the side wall on the driver side on these GM cars is narrower. I can drop my car but need to be carefull on the rear height while driving. Let's connect and you can see my car to get some ideas.
  7. In response to Irlforfun, my 65 came originally with custom trim. The previous owner reupholstered the seats in the standard style. I just received the custom covers from Clarks (black Beamonde fabric w vinyl bolsters) and they look awesome. I get them installed next week. Hope all goes well. I did a quick comparison of one of the new front covers to the existing seat and looks like a match.
  8. Hi Kreed, I gave both front and back measurements. Asume he checked both.
  9. Mystery solved. I called Clark's Corvair and spoke to Mark. He said that the custom trim seats are wider so I measured mine and although they were redone in the standard style they are wider than standard and thus a custom style cover will fit. Mark was very helpful. I ordered the cloth/vinyl and will give an update once I get the new covers installed.
  10. Thanks Kreed. I was told that that the custom style trim seats are wider.
  11. I thought it might be the foam...the bolsters. If that is the case if needed I can have my upholstery guy make me some. Waiting for your update Kreed. Thanks everyone.
  12. can I modify standard seat to replace with custom upholstery on my 65 Riviera? My car oriiginally had the factory custom upholstery but was recovered with the standard type before I purchased it. I like the look of the custom upholstery seats vs. the standard upholstery. Also looking at getting the new vinyl and cloth upholstery set from Clark's Corvair. thanks.