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  1. I tried to tell them $50k Charley. Maybe they didn't believe me. Hahahaha!! Anyone ever heard of Brian Thomson engines guys? If so, y'all will get the idea then. Not your out of the crate, assembled by a kid fresh out of mechanic school stuff.
  2. It is what it is bro. These are facts. I figured you'd be one of the main ones to say something anyway. That's just how we roll over at Lat-g. You should join and see how the other part of the car world lives. Might change your way of thinking. Here are some images of my IRS chassis. Let me know what you think...
  3. Maybe not you Seafoam65 and I'm not here to get into a pissing contest and I hope others aren't. But, there are several innuendo's about the car and this and that about the frame and how it won't work. Roadster Shop has built several cars with their frames that have placed and performed well in Good Guys autocross and OUSCI events. They build $500k and up cars and are well known in the protouring world. I get it...it's a forum and guys can say what they want all. The thing about technology is in the mid 60's the X-frame was probably (censored). I'm pretty sure it wasn't built for todays
  4. Guys, this is the thing that irk's me about most forums. A bunch of guys complaining about another guys build because they don't like it or it's something they would or wouldn't do and isn't of the norm. Charley has several and I repeat, several, cars and high end builds. He only has top notch builders work on his cars and Mark Stielow is one of the top engineers at GM. Mark had great input on the new Chevy LT engine in the new C7 Vette's. He also, designed and tested the new 2016 Camaro. Charley knows what he is doing. Hell, I lost count of how many cars he has. If you guys are real c
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