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  1. Tom, Thanks for correction on E-body, normally I restore Wildcat’s. Sorry we didn’t link up at Rosemont. With regard to the Riviera optional oversized tire, I pulled my reference material, and I had size wrong it was 8.85 x 15, which was the standard tire in 1965 for the Electra 225....see attached chart from the 1965 Buick Adjustments Guide...it show’s an optional larger tire for Lesabre, Wildcat, and Riviera. Also in owners guide on page 54 discussing when to use an oversized tire, but does not specify size. As to transition from small emblem to large, I pulle
  2. Winston, Thanks on your offer, will send private msg, would like to discuss further. The original AC compressor decal on my RivGS was a 1964 decal...I’m assuming since the started build in Sep of 64, they didn’t have the 1965 decal available yet. Yes you are correct with regard to the “yellow” on Buick AC inspection stamp. We went with “white” to provide more detail & contrast under hood, also moved stamping location from side of compressor to top surface. We will let the next owner & care taker of this rare gem decide what their personnel preferences are, and then make
  3. 1st, I'd like to thank all the help & technical knowledge provided by Gene Guarnere, Dick Sweeney, and Tom Mooney these last three yrs, as well as, many other 65 Riv GS Buick owners & part suppliers. From the start, my goal was not to 100% replicate how this iconic RivGS came off the assembly line, but rather take Billy Mitchell's vision of European styling from Ferrari and Rolls-Royce and transform a Post WWII American production line car into "timeless elegance." Our goal was to create a hand-built, B-Body Buick, who's Fit & Finish would rival some of the most iconic Pre-WWII E
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