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  1. I know how to read gauges and do. The point I was making is the LS engines I have been using are so well done there has never been a issue. These are hand assembled custom engines. I made a living working on everything from pickups to big rigs to tomato harvesters. Trying to debate if a LS engine is as good as a nailhead would just give me a headache. I can’t please everyone.

  2. At 3500 rpm my engine makes 966 ft pounds of tourque. I think I have put over 20k miles on my latest Camaro with the same engine as the Riv. No overheating even on 100 degree days with the ac running. Probably another 20k Miles in other LS powered Camaros with no issues. 


  3.   Hello all. Im the guy with the project Riv. No we did not weigh anything for before and after. Yes I started with a nice car because the end result is always better that way. I did not have the heart to modify a GS though. I don't plan on doing any autocross or racing, just driving it. I usually do Hot Rod Power Tour and also do Good-Guys tours. These tours are usually 1500-2000 miles. Having something with a modern drivetrain makes these tours alot more fun.  The engine is the same as I have in a Camaro and it makes over 900 hp and TQ on 93 octane. In the Camaro I get between 17-20 mpg with the ac on. The LS engines are so good it makes road trips much less stressfull. I used to always be watching gauges etc. Now they are a non issue. Yes a stock Riv will cruise just fine but won't perform how I want it to. My friend Mark Stielow is babysitting the project. If you google him you will see he is one of the top ride and handling engineers at GM. My plan is to keep the orig. white paint and black interior. I believe the orig drivetrain will go to a friend that wants to drag his Dads 63 Riv out of a junkyard and get it together to give his Dad a ride in it.

     I do appreciate stock condition cars also. Here is my 66 Bonneville.




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