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  1. I forgot to say that I suspect all these gauges were replaced with 12 volt Moon Eyes brand gauges. I suspect this because I have some of the boxes . My train transformer will go from 0-18 VDC .
  2. So I have some used gauges, how do you check to see if they work ? I got a box lot of car stuff at an auction . I have these 5 gauges by different companies. I just want to see if they really work ! I have a train transformer that will put out 16 volts DC and a multimeter. I suspect I can't check the oil pressure gauge because it's mechanical. Is there a place were I can get instructions ? THANKS !
  3. I have a Vintage Cal-Customs Access 40-30 Air Intake , Scoop on Ebay . Thanks for L@@king !
  4. I have a Moon Eyes Valve Breather, angled on Ebay . Thanks for lQQking !
  5. I have a Vintage Cal-Customs Access 40-30 * Air Intake * Carb Scoop for sale on Ebay . Thanks for looking !
  6. I have a Vintage Orange 2" shifter ball on Ebay . Thanks for looking !
  7. Is this a FORD door latch ? I have a box of parts and I'm finding them to be for a FORD . It even has a part # 740-A2 . Tried looking at MACS couldn't find it. Just what FORD does this belong to ? Assuming that it IS a FORD part ! THANKS !
  8. I have a FORD 30's V transmission shifter on Ebay . Please click below !
  9. Is this a FORD shifter ? I got a box of parts that go to FORDs . Don't really know if this a FORD shifter. It's about 27" long . THANKS !
  10. I have these four ignition switches forever! There are no maker marks on them. Three are the same... sort of! The back has to be unscrewed from the cover, the other is this sort of push and turn system. The push and turn has markings on the back that say pat. appl. for. And I can make out coil, bat, head. The three others have on the back on top, A9, mag, ground, head, and bat . Can't see much else! Any ideas? Thanks!